This Sneaker Would’ve Never Hit Outlets In 2010


So I went to the Nike outlet the other day. It wasn’t even planned. After dinner on Saturday I wanted to just ride around and listen to music.

As I was riding, I remembered I wanted to hit the Vans outlet, and that’s exactly what I did. The thing is, the Vans outlet is a few doors down from Nike, so you already know I had to stick my head in (pause for my up north cats).

For the record, I strongly dislike hitting the outlet on weekends because that mug is always dumb crowded. I prefer visiting the outlet during the week around 6pm-ish because it’s usually wide open.

Anyway, as I was walking around the Nike outlet at saw Copper Foamposites for $130. In today’s climate I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I was because all I can think about is the hype from the original release.

This is not the best example, but imagine if Nike re-released Galaxy Foams and you saw them sitting at your local outlet. That ish would be crazy, right? Well, not to compare Copper Foams Galaxy Foams, but hopefully you get my point.

The funny thing is I ended up hitting two different Nike outlets this weekend, and I saw Copper Foams at the second location (pinky swear). Sale price was the same and hella sizes in stock.

So yeah, in case you didn’t know – heads up!

Are you surprised by some of the shoes that hit outlets nowadays?

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  • FrostyTheCashman

    Nike oversaturated the foam market with colors and production #’s in recent years. Kinda surprised this particular colorway hit outlets, but i could see it coming. Foams have always been pricey and with the recent trends gearing towards athleisure and comfort first, bulky heavy foams not on the top of peoples list other than the foam collectors still out there. One thing to notice is that nike has been increasing production #’s a lot lately across the board, so it seems to be nike is just producing more than the demand

  • theloverswineverytime

    Now only if them eggplants could drop that low.

  • javi

    Control your thirst hypebeast ?

  • curt diggler

    With fashion being more tailored I’m not surprised one bit. Plus once foams became attainable for anyone, kids included, they became useless. Folk hate to admit it, but once shit is available for any and everyone, it ain’t special no mo and folk can care less. Nike listened to the crybabies that want everything available to everyone and they shall suffer because of it.

  • Executive

    This what happens when you’ve grown out the whole sneaker thing but still admir from a distance.

  • Executive

    Watch them release everything that tanked in ultra “limited” quantities in ’18.?

  • Executive

    “Premium” “premium” versions of already “premium” versions coming soon. ?

  • Executive

    Tier -0 releases of the same exact shit coming soon. ?

  • They went down to $120 at my local City Gear the last time they came out. Still one of the best.

  • Erosion
  • Heezyholly

    Not folks only hypes

  • Nope. It’s everyone, including you and me. We can lie all we want to and say otherwise but most people, including outliers, like when things are exclusive. I’ll spare you the psychological quotes and heuristics but this is already a spot on science that many brands use to their advantage.

  • Heezyholly

    I never bought into hype I bought what I like I was always a fan of art and design being that I draw myself so I appreciate certain executions with design but if it’s bull shit I don’t rock with it like the yeezy to me is a roshe rip off but ppl like it cuz it’s limited and hype me I look past that

  • My comments…sheesh, lol. I was thinking more “exclusivity” vs hype for the sake of hype. I live by the mantra of buying what one likes over hype every day all day. Yeezy’s…

    I like a good few of the boots and 700 Boost runners. Not a fan of any of his other offerings, Adidas or Nike but to each their own.

  • Can’t say I’m surprised at all given the many possibilities as to how and why kicks end up at the outlet motel.

  • Ron Simms

    A couple of things 1) Foams are $230 now where they were like $180 back in 2009-2010 2) The market for foams isn’t what it used to be back then. The only recent foams to not sit were the Metallic Red quickstrikes. Eggplants, Royals, Coppers, Dooms…all coveted Foams that all sat. 3) There have been so many wack Foams from 2010-now that I think it somewhat killed the Foam hype 4) Basketball shoe sales are down in general.

  • curt diggler

    Maybe folks realized they buying the same kicks over and over and finally snapped out of it. Examples include Jordan retros and nmds. How many of the same shoe is enough?

  • kaydot901

    More often than not today.I’m 30 plus so clubbin outta town ain’t really my wave,I’m more into a nice hotel, eating & checking out the outlet malls & blazing in between,so I see a lot of random heat from TN to TX & all in between,the comedown is real.

  • william daniels

    what two outlets had these foams in atlanta