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December 31, 2012 | 4

Sn’eads creator, REE, is not only a “sn’ead” and artist, but he is also the director of the Emmy nominated show on Fox called”Bob’s Burgers” as well. SneakerNationTV recently sat down with talented REE to discuss a range of topics including his interview on CNN and how the whole Sn’eads came about.

Check out the video of SneakerNationTV One on One with REE and you can expect more to come from this talented artist.

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  1. 4DRUMZ

    Ahhhh good stuff! Lucky enough to have been REE’d in my avi!

  2. Stand up guy & down to earth type of dude. Keep up the good work REE!

  3. Talented and a down to earth guy. Im an even bigger fan now.

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