We all have pet peeves, right? So that means we all have a few pet peeves when it comes to sneakers and the sneaker culture. Come on, you can think of at least one pet peeve. Well, to make things easier, we added a few examples after the jump that might be a pet peeve in your book. However, we just wanted to get the ball rolling, so PLEASE feel free to share your pet peeves with everyone. If you use twitter, randomly tweet throughout the day the funniest pet peeves from this post by using #SneakerPetPeeves on twitter.

1.) Campouts

You didn’t always have to sleep outside for a pair of limited edition kicks, but nowadays this process is expected with all super limited sneaker releases.

2.) Fat Joe Sneaker Lick

If you don’t like it, blame it on Fat Joe. It’s funny how licking sneakers became the “cool thing” to do with deadstock/brand new (hopefully, never worn) sneakers.

3.) The Reseller

You may not like them, but let’s be honest, you NEED them. Maybe not everyone, but resellers come in handy at times. It’s just a hard pill to swallow knowing she/he paid $150 but their “Buy It Now” price is $700 plus free shipping. Ouch!

4.) The First Commenter that says “1st!”

We’ve all seen this before. Why is it that you have to let everyone know that you’re first? Are you that slow? What’s really sad is they usually don’t have anything else to say except, “1st!”.

5.) Deadstock Sneakers

Is it really that serious? Well, some people just don’t like deadstock sneakers for one reason or another. Sneakers are meant to be worn…true. However, who are you tell the next person what to do with their kicks? Nonetheless, this very well might be one of your sneaker pet peeves.

6.) Fakes

Fake sneakers are without a doubt everyone’s #1 sneaker pet peeve.

7.) Mark Ups

We all have a local shop that marks up highly sought after releases. Some shops even jack up the prices on regular non-hype releases. Shame on you.

8.) Celebrity Sneakerheads

For some reason, celebrity sneakerheads catch a lot of heat from sneakerheads and sneaker lovers. Maybe it’s because they get free kicks, like to brag, or give themselves titles that rub you the wrong way.

9.) Sneakers & Skinny Jeans

Remember, it’s all about what YOU like, but some people hate sneakers & skinny jeans. With that said, if the shoe pants fit, just make sure your comfy.

10.) The Hypebeast

They are known for following the hype, even if they don’t like the sneaker. They usually buy into the hype hoping it will make them cool. If you want to know how to be a hypebeast, watch the video and take notes.

Ok, now tell us your sneaker pet peeves below.

About The Author

Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • mopar910

    when the sneaker you buy has a bit of a crooked tounge, the slightest imperfection will set me off, but not enough to return the shoe 😛

  • MT

    LOL I hate mark ups!

  • lilbusta2318

    Haha. This is a great post. I have a feeling this one will get heated. I HATE the whole “1st” thing. That one really annoys me. Of course, so do fakes, mark ups and many others.

  • lilbusta2318

    @ G-Roc – I sent you an email a few minutes ago regarding what we were discussing earlier.

  • jthan

    fakes definetly and no nothing hypebeasts

  • Brandan E.

    all those are very valid points, that pretty much sums it up! definetly the skinny jeans thing, that style is beyond me.
    another thing is niggas walking around with dope kicks but that are mad dirty! i cant stand dirty kicks bro!
    tell em G-ROC!

  • Kareem Rush


  • jthan

    and bow wow

  • C Brown

    Im not a twitter rocker but my biggest PetPeeve is when dudes have on shit that they dont have a clue about…just rocking something to look cool…I had some clown walk up to me boasting about his Supra’s like he was the man cause his friends didnt know what they were…When I said Trinity’s NS were cool he felt the need to correct me..and tell me they were Supra…No Shit..the Brand is Supra..the make is Trinity NS..you should read the box next time you buy something dumb ass….Or how about the kid whose been collecting sneakers for like 2 months but SWEARRRRRS his collection is UNTOUCHABLE!!!!! I dont even entertain it..I just agree and walk away…

  • wayne brooks

    Hate the fakes, unfair mark-ups and resellers the most, in that order.

    But yal missed out on a very important pet peeve – the poor quality of retro sneakers compared to OGs.

  • carter

    12th…LOL yeah that 1st shit is lame!

  • jthan

    C Brown and Wayne Brooks ya caught something really important, surprised its not on the list

  • After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After un-deadstocking a pair of sneaks and the material starts balling up on the inner heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tommy petrelli


  • ^to add to my pet peeve. it happens i guess your heal rubs against the back so much the material starts getting damaged.

    Argh. F$&kin hate it!

  • keith

    great post G-Roc. man, my peeve is when people just rock the newest jordan/fusion cause they’re expected to. in nashville everybody dresses exactly the same. no individuality. i hate that. i gotta be myself, man. i can’t stand lookin like a carbon copy product of my environment. i dress very trendy annd indie. i wear skinnies and fit in with the artsy crowd. everything except the shoes. i’ve just always loved dope sneakers. that’s what it should be about.

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    agree with Mopar .. i hate it when the tounge on one shoe will always fall to the side no matter what you do…like a steering wheel in my pants

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    it drives me nuts!

  • happy customer

    personal sneaker pet peeve -> when the paint on the sole edges/hedges (whatever you call them) are a little off. love this post! & definitely agree on resellers…i dislike resellers for 99% of the time…but when they have that pair I couldn’t get & in my size, that’s when I need them *sigh* :T

  • keith

    C Brown hit the nail on the head. that’s the realest talk on this post.

  • John

    Losers that think they got kicks, when there Grail is the true flights!

  • icantjumpman67

    I HATE when my girl steps on my shoes intentionally

  • dudes who…

    -clown Retros because they have the OG
    -complain about the material on a retro but DON’T even HAVE the OG to begin with

    *thinks of more*

  • When Nike release “replicas” of signature shoes and rename it and make it a lower price point.

    I’ve seen it done to the Nike Kobe 1, and the Lebron II (to jus name a few)

  • icantjumpman67

    I also hate random dudes asking me where I got “dem” and how much I got “dem” for. I tell THEM that I bought them a couple years back and walk away

  • Air-Brooklyn

    I hate it when people give sneakers nicknames.

    Oreos? Raptors? Bred? Ect…. They all sounds stupid and ignorant to me. And why do people still call the XIII Playoff? He wore them at the All-Star game first, and I still don’t call them by neither. I just called them by their colorway.

  • ^U reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hate dem uh?

  • LOL we all sound mad grumpy


    The people that do everything to hold up theirs pants so you can see every angle of the shoe. Its OK if your jeans cover a little of your kicks. Stop looking like your wearing Hi waters.

  • d.wow!

    re-releases… and again.. and again and again… XD


    Just look at Bow WoW and how high his jeans are cuffed for an example.

  • Word to d.wow!

    JB re-releasing the AJ1’s in every colorway under the sun!

  • lilbusta2318

    Bow Wow is a clown in general. Heard he got it up the arse by his limo driver back in the day. A rumor I’m sure, but funny nonetheless

  • salvygetzfresh

    OMG markups they do that in footlocker I almost smacked a dude last time he did that, that’s why sometimes I just shop online -_- I know you want your comission but IDGAF don’t mark up my fxkin box .

  • ironwill305

    Girls with dirty white sneakers,people wearing fakes, hypebeast, Reebok’s, creases, popped air bubbles, boutiques that overprice, shops that sell fakes…..

  • Wallace

    Biggest pet peeve when people step on your kicks on purpose because they know it pisses you off.

  • K-I-double-D

    I hate people who call all Air Jordan 11’s space jams! There’s only 1 space jam do your research! Dirty kicks I can’t stand when my girl don’t take care of her kicks. Fakes can’t stand em. Dumb retards who say 1st on these comments.

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    Not only do I hate fakes I hate when people refuse to accept they are wearing fakes. If you are wearing fakes due to financial restrictions is somewhat acceptable, but If you’re just a cocky SOB and think you’re fly cuz you haven’t seen anyone wearing those jz is another. no one has them cuz they are FAKE! flea market trash buddy.

  • Fizzle

    People hating on Fusions just cause they’re Fusions. Having an AF1 sole on a shoe really RUINS it?!? That’s some straight up lamb mentality.

  • my petpeeves-dirty shoes, rape prices from re-sellers(i dont mind a little mark up but dont be ridic.), when people step on my shoes, fusions(fyi i dont consider the spizike fusions), people that make ish up when they come in the shop i work at trying to impress me with their sneaker knowledge, also just because you have loot doesnt mean you have taste or the sickest collection, im not rich but my collections slowly getting better and better but i would never clown on some one elses shit cuz they dont have the loot

    bottom line wear what you like, keep your kicks clean, rock dont stock etc etc

  • C brown

    @Phfat!!!!! You hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!! I hate all these little dudes bitching cause it doesn’t say NIKE AIR on the back….a) you was in diapers or b) you wasn’t even born yet when Nike Air was on the back of kicks!!!!!!!!!!! That drives me crazy…with exception of the full Infrared Six’s with Nike Air in Infrared (which were never released) Nike Air does not…I repeat DOES NOT change the look of the sneaker!!!!!!!!! Feel like screaming everytime someone post that ish…

  • Thanks for the shoutout G-Roc, me and the twit TSGFAM went over this one.
    That one dude who rocks an outfit, let’s say adidas tracksuit, but is wearing J’s.
    Here’s another from me, the bama who HAS to match, let’s say, big gulp SBs, so he rocks a red shirt. Alright, cool, you match, then throw on a red fitted, still, good job, you know colors and whatnot… Then the red Oakleys, and to top it all off… Red jeans… Come on son.

  • Astro.Bryan

    White Af1 with dirty shoelaces.
    people who think there cool, jus cus they got a fresh pair of reeboks,smh!
    Fake clear jordans,nike;along with dirty ass socks
    jus a few of many, that i see way too often

  • Icegroove

    what about when your rocking your brand new kicks and you’re all in your moment…only to realise some other chief is walking on the other side of the street rocking the same. that has happened a few times to me and i just go ‘damnit!’ lol

  • John

    And people who have no sneakerology and copy what everyone else has, here in charleston the air max craze Is hitting and so many kids rock them and when you tell them what they got there like “no man dez air max”. Frustration And the spacejams we got kids wearin them everyday! Already yellow and they act like there collecton is raw but other than the jams all they got is trueflights.

  • sbhollisterdude

    I absolutely hate people that share shoes!


  • Jrico

    Homoz that use the word pick up, people who buy kicks and know nothing about them, people who wear fakes and defend them, mismatching kicks with an outfit (ie. Kid cudi)people who choose kicks over more important sh^t like ur real cool wearing ur bred 11s to the bus stop, rich kids reviewing kicks they ain’t have to lift a finger for..

  • ^tmonki94

    people who constanly trade their shoes/ fakes. ps. i love how the kid in the vid has an aston martin sitting in the garage.

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    “where you get those?”
    “a little place called 1999” lol

  • K-I-double-D

    Oh yeah can’t forget squeaky shoes… And undeadstocking shoes I hate it but hey you only live once.

  • GP


  • macabrecrown666

    1. when people buy used sneakers, seriously, thats just gross.
    2. when you find the sneaker you’re looking for on ebay only to discover that its vvvvvvvvvvvvnds.
    3. when people list sneakers by every name they can think of on ebay, ever seen a pair of nike dunk sb paris/blue lobster/sbtg/unkle ?
    4. foreign sneaker shops that ship everywhere but the U.S. (Im talking about you opium paris!).
    5. when an online shop/ebay seller doesn’t double box
    6. when jb does a euro/international release
    7. when people post videos of their collections and they just throw their shoes when they are done showing them.
    8. when the top of the box is cut (why would you do that?).
    9. how easily a pair of 5s will yellow.
    10. when your girlfriend gives you crap for spending 500+ on a pair of shoes while she is wearing heels that cost way more.

  • Yeyo87

    That sneaker lick crap is just digusting idk if your bottom soles are clean still irritates me!!

  • Starz

    When people don’t tie their laces & they drag on the floor!

  • Jerronimo

    I hate dirty shoes!!… Maybe it’s just me, but dirty sneaks drive me nuts!! I mean, seeing a dirty pair of J’s just hurts my sole. You will never, NEVER, never, catch me in a pair of beat up kix. I stay fresh like that tree hanging from the rearview mirror main!

  • vdav

    when a shop has 20 pairs-but the smug staff buy up most of them!!

  • Jumpfan92

    One That I Have Yet To See Is…

    “How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Have?”

    I Go To School And I Seemed To get Asked That Question A Lot. Thats Just Buggin Into Somebodies Business To Far!!!! I Just Say Idk And Keep Walkin

  • stupid dumb f*#ks that rock the same model shoes but different colorway on each foot….smh I pity y’all fools, real talk.

  • xRETROiVx

    5. people who rock fakes thinkin they killin it-
    “yo man how long did those take to ship from china?!? [points to his yellow pink and green yeezys]
    “nah man kanye wore these i got em at niketown”

    4. deadstock collectors/future resellers – WEAR YOUR KICKS!

    3.people who wear shoes without laces. ( weve all go that fucker on our block with purple bapestas that wears em with no laces)

    2. higher retail, lower quality. cmon JB if your gunna take our money make it worthwhile ( example A. bred 1999 IV vs. countdown IV– fucked up the shape and quality)

    1. NUMBER ONE—– people who dont know shit about sneakers and try to give you hell for what you wear!!
    “yo man, where’d you get those, outer space?” [points to OG royal foams]

    “go fuck yourself, these cost more than your whip and if u knew anything about taste in sneakers you’d take back wat you say”

  • cintownmac

    -I Hate Jordan “packs” of any kind…u know we only want one of em

    -I’m not a fan of Jordan Fusions but I hate the “Fusion Haters” even more…Jordan is in business to make money, and those shits sell like crazy

    – I hate people that try on shoes off the wall at the shoe store…Dammit just ask me for your size!!!

    This exercise is making me angry…imma go relax with pics of “skunk dunks”

  • I hate all of those things, and people who cry when they can’t get their kicks. It’s just shoes. Man up. I also hate people with bad/wrong sneaker info. Making shit up like they’re experts or something. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, zip the shit up!

  • when cats wear FILAS and try to pass them off as PRADA by folding the jeans over those BLASHEMIES….LOL

  • j_ny

    Dudes that state they only buy ogs but don’t wear there ogs cuz them sh*ts will fall apart…WHATS THE PURPOSE??? (unless your a SERIOUS collector). Also corney ass store owners. If you don’t know sh*t about sneakers use your entrepreneurial skills to open another business

  • getalife

    when ppl like phfatbuddha dont shut the f**k up!!!

  • getalife

    and coverse king you shut the f**k up too you dont know s**t last time i saw you comment about the undefeated coverse that recently released..you wer the laughing stock of every one that had made a comment…hahhahahahahaha

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    Knowing that the icy sole will never be as icy….

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    first wrinkle on the toe box…

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    glue residue….

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    Denim transfers….

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    flimzy straps….

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    First scuff….

  • babynucho

    i hate it when a celebrity says “step yo sneaker game up” when they have senakers that didnt come out yet,it just pisses me off,they know that they only have those kicks because they are famous people,otherwise they would wait for the release date just like us!!

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    when the glue from the eyelet gets on the shoe string…

  • Mr. Saturday Morning

    the fat tongue versus the thinner tongue… get over it…

  • julio

    I’ve only been in the shoe game for about 2 years but I hate it when someone that’s been collecting for 15yrs thinks they are so much better then you…. Hey pal, I was 4 15 yrs ago, sorry I didn’t start collecting at 4 years old with my high paying job and what not

  • rallycars

    When people say something makes a shoe pop, or its got pop.


    I hate new Sneakerheads. They ask too many questions.


    I hate when they make exclusive kicks and don’t make them available for sale to the public. What’s the point?! Even a limited release, please!!!

  • SneakerHead069

    1. When people have nasty lace jobs on some fresh ass kicks.
    2. When people buy more then one pair of shoes.
    3. When people dont know shit about shoes and try to prove you wrong
    4. When people say “i wanna buy the retro air jordan __” instead of just the number like 10s or 17s or 5s.

  • CAD5000

    I hate Tier Zero. “What stores have this mystical account?”

  • L’s

    when ppl buy brand new sneakers(mainly jordans) just to play ball in. thats pointless and just being a show off. you cant wear some slightly worn sneakers??? and half the time the dudes that do that suck in basketball. get them to wear casually no matter which retro you get your nowhere near playing like jordan so cut it out.

  • babynucho

    when people buy a pair of kicks and wear them until they get all beat up,specially air forces

  • oathlok

    people who match kicks with anything man wether it be shirts, hats, or w.e. man thats lame no style.but thats just MY OPINION so if thats yo cup of tea. more power to you.

  • CincinnatiNick

    How about people who hear from a friend of a friend of a friend that they heard from their soul collector Iphone app that Jordan is going to retro every Jordan ever so it must be true….. Man I hate people like that…

  • Jerronimo

    I hate when people DON’T match… Why would u not want to match? (Maybe I am just getting old)

  • Chas

    biggest petpeeve in thee world… when kids or other people keeps asking you how much you got ur sneaks, whered you get them, what site…, and other ridonkulous questions..

  • SneakerFight

    5. When people buy a pair of Louis High-tops and all of a sudden say they have a shoe game. I’d rather take Four Vs and actually wear em outside.
    4. Shoes that look like they came out of a cartoon. BAsically any early Bape-Sta. No one needs blue, green, yellow, red, purple, orange, and pink on one sneaker.
    3. People who don’t think vans are part of a shoe game. “Oh, those are just some authentics, what were they, like $60?” “Yeah, but they look a lot better than those monstrosities you bought at an outlet.”
    1. People that only know a shoe’s nickname and nothing about it. Oh, sweet freshwaters.” “These are nikes” “…”

  • sergio

    when people change the lacings thinking it matches

  • sergio

    when people change the lacings thinking it matches

  • jay

    i hate when you got a fresh pair of sneakers straight out the box and some dudes you know want to come all up on you and be around you with some corny and busted kicks it’s like please dont stand within my cipher i dont want to be associated with those kicks

  • jay

    a dirty pair of white sneakers it’s like why even where them if there that dirty. not fresh!

  • jay

    celebrities that get kicks and have no style and don’t understand the sneaker culture

  • bruce wayne

    I hate when people step on your fresh ass kicks!!!

  • I hate it when there are slight imperfections in your brand new kicks like a little bit of glue showing, or the “paint” is off on the sole or side of the shoe but you didn’t notice until you got home and examined them.

    I hate it when the lace holes are too tight and you have to mash the laces through and they are almost impossible to get in or out ever again.

    I hate it when the box is all mashed up on new kicks. It just makes me question how they were taken care of in transportation to the store.

    I hate it when you finally break out a pair of new kicks for the first time and you scuff them by tripping or hitting them on something like the stairs, someone steps on the side by accident or it starts to rain!

  • I agree with Bruce, Hate it when mufu’s step on your brand new shoes. Are you really that f-cknm clumsy.

  • Brandon

    I can’t stand people who buy Jordan’s just to be down with the crowd. Don’t know anything about them or nothing else.

  • ohh yeah and nike shox are played out.

  • XkrispyELI

    i dont get the 1st thing that was mentioned above. Can anyone explain it to me?

  • I HATE HATE HATE when people ask either: 1) How many shoes do you have? -or- 2) How much did those co$t? SERIOUSLY… just because I wear my hobby on my feet doesn’t mean I’m gonna bust into your trailer to see your 5/8th scale NASCAR collection and ask HOW MUCH DID THOSE CO$T?

  • I didn’t have time to read comments yet, so I apologize if I’m repeating anything.
    1. Diminished quality on retro’s: quality should improve in future realeses, not get worse! That’s ass backwards.
    2. Icy soles turning yellow: in my sneaker utopia, icy soles would STAY icy. 🙂
    3. People hating on reseller: I’ve resold many kicks to turn a profit and support my habit. Don’t hate, it’s supply & demand people. If you can’t afford the mark up, move on with your life and stop blaming resellers!

  • kellz

    man i hate new sneakerheads that act like theyve been in the game.
    or 1 hunned q’s on when and where i bought my kicks.

  • Brandon

    And people that hangout in the sneaker store wearin the kicks that came out the same day!!!!! How lame.

  • Brandon

    And finishline employees who take everthing for themselves, there job is to serve us not themselves!!!!!! Killyoselfs!

  • XkrispyELI

    i work at a school and my students always ask me those questions mentioned above but it really does not bother me because they are just curious.

  • kalitigueraje23

    lol dude said it GIRLz WITH DURRRTTYYYYYY SHOES XD ! everybdy in general lol i seen dudes with durrtttyyy shoes lol i hate when people see a shoes preview and sayd copped 2x when they aint coppin squat lol

  • JoshuA

    I hate AJ Fusions.. and when people think they the sit with them on

  • I hate hypebeast AT campouts…I remember waitin for the space jams, dis dude tole me he spent $270 for the true blues, just because he saw Fabolous wit em on. WTF!!

  • PegCityKickZ

    I’d say yellowed soles, they make a pair of kicks less fresh. But I think fakes should of been #1 on the list.

  • CaliSole

    IDK if anyones brought this up since there’s so many damn comments lol. But mall sneakerheads. They get they’re mommy’s money and spend all of it on some dunks, forces and j’s all from the mall. And they think they’re dunks are as cool as the sb’s or theyre true flights are just as good as some 7’s -_-.

  • I can understand keepin a pair of sneakers deadstock over the winter (icee soles) but deadstock Air Jordan OG 1s is ridiculous. Who would buy a shoe, save it for 25 years, and then sell it?

  • Baby Jordan

    First I wanna say that resellers are a necessary evil like taxes lol I mean u have regional exclusives, qs, guys who love a shoe a little to much to soon and need another pair,its just those guys that buy a full size run an mark em up high as shit that gets me..

    Hypebeasts of course, rlly jus hype n general, I hate guys who buy one general released shoe and wears it all day everyday and swears he is a sneakerhead

    Grown men that wear kid sizes

    Hype again but this time ppl who post pics on myspace or fb of shoes that they don’t have or shoes that don’t even exist

    Celebrity sneakerheads, unless u gettin shoes like Hugh Hef gets bitches u aint doin shit so stop braggin

    Lastly haters whether u hatin on another man style or another sneaker genre or a generation less fortunate when it cums to O.G releases just stop hatin if a dude wanna wear a leotard and a sun hat wit sum Js on his feet let that man live its more bitches for u lol

  • touché I can’t stand the hypebeast either… but i can’t stand the reverse hypebeast just as much… you know the dude talkin bout “i ain’t getting that shoe cuz its too much hype” or “i ain’t gettin that cuz everybody gon have it”…GET WHAT YOU LIKE!!!

  • john45/23

    I totally agree with basically everything on this list besides skinny jeans. I don’t always wear skinny jeans with sneakers, but it does look nice with the right fit. Only black, gray, blue or khaki though. All these multi colored ones look plain goofy. And hypebeasts are the root of all evil!… but I have to thank them because they make the hunt more fun. Buy kicks because you like em, not because bloggers say they’re dope (except fuckin fakes! Never support artificial kicks).

  • P.A.’s Finest

    1.I hate when fools hype up a shoe so much before it releases which raises the retail price of a shoe or which makes that it super limited. (nike reps an headquaters check websites for our responses people).
    2.When the same bastard is shown on sites an somehow always gets the dopest unreleased samples that I want an never release.
    3.When you try to avoid people when walking in crowded areas with yo fresh shoes on an sum dork steps on the back heel of your shoe to where you trip a lil lol. I remember getting my Bred 11’s in Highschool an my class had to walk in a single file line to go back to the classroom an this dude stepped an my back hill. I turned around sooo fast an jumped at dat fool he almost jumped out his shoes. LMAO
    4.When my local shop drops a limited shoe an don’t post when they get em like they normaly do. (ex.Tekgnar with the Larry Perkins release)SMH.
    5.When resellers raise the price of a shoe to crazy amounts like the Pattas 800 Buy it Now GTFOH, but if somebody is dumb enough to buy em then more power to em get them fools money.
    6.I Coach/Teach so when I see my students in these damn fakes an they come to me to show me their shoes cause they know that I’m into sneakers so on casual Fridays I blow their minds with exclusive ish. I just let them make it an say po child to myself and SMH when they walk away.
    7.When the midsole paint starts to crack from a few casual wears.

  • Oh i forgot to mention the people trying to tell me that i’ll grow out of collecting kicks as if its just a phase… GET THE FAUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

  • dopematic3002

    My sneaker pet peeves, posts like this, and being apart of this “sneakerhead” community. I don’t have an ego, try to flash on anyone or put anyone down for how/what they rock. Just get kicks you like, WEAR them, and feel good. I mean in the end, NOBODY CARES! (or at least they shouldn’t.)

  • john45/23

    Oh and people that despise releases, or the person buying 2 or 3 pairs of a re-release when they already doubled up on the original release! I was a victim of that when the Space Jams released!

  • P.A.’s Finest

    My bad for the misspelled words I meant to say “on my back heel”. I do help mold todays youth lol. P.E. though, gotta get these obese children in shape!

  • cant stand a bourgeois sneakerhead

  • john45/23

    And definetely local shops raising retail prices! Burn Rubber auctioned off pairs of black and pink Yeezy’s for $600, THE MORNING OF THE RELEASE! Kinda shit is that?! People saying I need to grow out of my sneaker habit, people saying I have “too many”! AND SNEAKER STORE EMPLOYEES THAT HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT WHEN I ASK ABOUT CERTAIN KICKS! WHY DO YOU WORK HERE?!?!

  • jthan

    When you first in line after camping in the middle of December at 3 am inside the mall. Running from the security and when the store finally opens the cashier tells u that size 9 – 10 is sold out and u gotta cop a 8 1/2.
    I hate employees taking my kicks

  • cowlick314


  • DC DunKing

    #1 NY PPl claiming they started everything! The take credit for every shoe fashion and every hyped released

    #2 Nike Big Highs/lows are not DUNKS!

    #3 Retailers who get random QUICKSTRIKES, HYPERSTRIKES AND HOH releases who have NO nike Accounts! I bought the DJ AMs really late and for retail across teh street from PGPlaza HOH, SMH!

    #4 DCs obsessions with FOAMPOSITES & NEW BALANCE. I regret ever buying the 996s in grade school because i probably own over 30 pairs of NBs AND WEAR THEM ABOUT 3X, Sad i know

    #5 Nike retros from my 8th-9th grade yrs. the Flight 95s were cool, then the Diamond turfs and DT2s and now the Griffeys – Its a RECESSION DAMMIT! Stop retroing so i can stop buying!

    #6 What the Diamond Fury? I’m just saying!

    #7 People who beg for change with fresh sneakers on! I hate that with a passion!

    #8 Why does anyone still sell Saucony’s?

    #9 Hypebeast x Bapes = 100% Stupidity

    #10 Collaborations. I can understand the actual artist doing collabs but why is Clark Kent, Mayor, Fat Joe and others doing Nike Collabs? Just because you buy sneakers doesnt mean you have an ounce of creativity or design skills. And why is it cool to be a reg guy who buys sneakers? Drug Money much? Cus if it was a rich kid then everyone would hate – But if u still have street cred and buy sneakers from limited shops and make videos of your collection, then its all good. DRUG money fuels the sneaker game – we just choose to look teh other way

    _ off my soap box_

  • DC DunKing

    i forgot the hype of the Space Jams!
    – I blame every sneaker site uploading pics daily
    – footlocker lying to people
    – employees buying then resaling the day of the release
    – pre-sales and hookups
    – the random midnight releases
    – LASTLY the ‘holds’ that were never held, lol

    Damn Jordans – Viva La Dunks!

  • youngG1881


  • lol :D

    fuck fakes. fuck fakes. fuck fakes. fuck fakes. fuck fakes. fuck fakes. fuck fakes. fuck fakes.


    denim jeans that stain the back of your kicks makes me only wear my kicks with shorts !!

  • ColdRedd

    Driving in your car, get out and look at the back of your sneaker and see that dirt from the mat on your kicks!!

  • Hype on ugly sneakers, AFJ, new balance,
    And girls who think they are cute rockin chucks and shell tops

  • john45/23

    XD I’m crackin up at the video because a guy downtown had a similar reaction to my Fresh Water Griffeys lol.

  • My pet peeves are when someone is wearin thong sandals with socks.lol

  • john45/23


  • lol this shit hilarious. so true too lol

  • alfonzo2205

    Personally I hate “Quick-strikes”, “Hyper-strikes”, ect. Like damn, I have life a job and generally just more important shit to do than camp out at a damn store to spend MY hard earned money. Luckily I go through these obstacles no longer, c I buy so many kicks that staff at the stores where I cop at know me, we like fam. So I just pay 4 my kicks in advance, so come release day and sometimes a couple days before I literally just “Pickup” my kicks. Easy. Word to wise, just stay loyal it will pay off.

  • seVIIn

    people on air jordan xi nuts! haha i mean they cool n all but just cause a few people like um doesnt mean everyone gotta be grippin um too. oh and when i get my shit early n someone tries to me the mikes im wearing are fugazies

  • I just attended the Wish event, and another pet peeve was that a lot of people were askin me who was Jason Mayden and why is he here?
    I was thinkin Why are you here? Go home so people who knew about the event can have more room. lol

  • seVIIn

    oh n i dont kno bout other cities but around chicago you go to the right spots n you get your shit before the release dates. oh one more BIG PET PEEVE, when im workin n its monday and the new mikes just came out 2 days ago n someone asks me which are the newest n i show them n they be like naw those are old already, and on top off all that they got some lame ass fusions from months back tryin to act like they stay nothing but fresh, rofl

  • J’s-Rocka

    I hate Checker-board laces!!!!

  • gotjordans?

    nah, I don’t have anything to add… this was a good topic!!!
    I think you’all pretty much covered it all

  • fakes…this all they good for http://tweetphoto.com/15830405

    and laces that are twisted, dont know why but thats always bugged me, i have to re-lace every shoe before i wear them

  • D.C.sneaker_freaker

    my post will be a little different from the rest, my beef isnt with hypebeasts,resellers and dudes that brag about their collections.

    i hate the cheap a^^ dudes that try to criticize you because you dropped some serious change on a pair of sneaks. They pissed cus they dont have them on their feet, so they try to judge you for paying some dough.

    dont like when ppl destriy a decent pair of kicks either.

  • SoledOut

    I agree with backroad…
    and one thing I’d like to add to the list- sneaker rumors
    ahem (infra red pack) cough

  • scoopdawg

    i hate people who come into my store in the mall and try to tell me what kicks are what… went into a finish line wearin my bred 12’s … dude asked me do i even kno what the sick face n 97-38 means.. Get out of here with that mess… also i really cant stand chicks with busted up kicks n fit.. who then try to call you out in front of errbody talkin bout your fit..

  • dubbers

    I hate fakes an mark ups an I hate campouts but the worst is when your in a camp out an some fag in front of you has an ebay store an buys all the sizes you can fit an then your stuck with a to small ass shoe or way to big hoping you can get a trade. Or when your salin shoes an a lowballin as nigga tryna come ? with some bull shit. This is a good post

  • aTribeCalledFresh

    damn most of those i pretty much agreed on.

    11.when shoe stores only have 1 pair left in ur size and it’s the displays.
    12.yellowing on icy jordan soles
    13.white shoe maintenance

    Im surprised this isnt on there

  • SunnBlaze

    I really really really really hate it when people call themselves so called “sneakerheads” but only rock Nikes or Jordans. U R NOT A SNEAKERHEAD!!! UR a Nikehead or a Jordanhead. Period. Or even better, when a Nikehead or Jordanhead looks down on you cuz you rockin a fresh ass pair of adidas, NB’s, or Supras etc.. Even though they know that your kicks are fresh as hell, they still try to ice grill you bcuz they aint Nikes or J’s. BEAT IT SCUMBAG!!! Now don’t get me wrong, the majority of my collection is Nikes and J’s, but at the same time I don’t limit my shoe game to just a few particular brands. Real Sneakerheads wear what they like no matter what the brand (unless they’re fakes. Ugh!).

  • SunnBlaze

    The question that I hate most of all bcuz I’m tired of getting asked it and I’m damn sure tired of answering it is “Do you really need that many shoes?” I swear it just irks the hell outta me when I get asked that. The worse part of it is everybody I know that isn’t a collector or a sneakerhead has asked me that at least once. Parents, ex, friends, coworkers, bosses, chicks, random D-bags that see me on a regular and spy on my shoe game, whatever! It doesn’t matter who, they all ask the same ass question. And I give em the same ass answer, “It’s not about fulfilling any particular need, and it never has been. I JUST LIKE SHOES. PERIOD. How hard is that to understand?”

  • bknowbles

    patent leather on any sneaker other than jordan xi or 96′ af1

  • J.Chang

    I hate when I see people wearing black shoes with white socks…. smh

  • Posts that have soooo many comments that I don’t have the energy to read them all!

  • Punks who comment on posts who don’t go through and read all the other comments!

  • ULTIMATE PEEVE – Dudes who rock low cut kicks (ex. III’s, VI’s) with shorts and HIGH SOCKS showing…

    That ish makes you look like one of the little rascals…knock it off!

  • Hye Style Kid

    I hate when people dont understand the love for kicks lol i hate when people intentionally step on my shoes to be funny.. Hate when people ask me where did i get something from sometimes i helppeople out but most of the time i just ignore em…..moms said dont talk to wanna be’s…. Hate when all my pair of Pippens creased after like 3 times of rocking em all in the same spot

  • John B

    wow you guys have pretty much summed it up! i hate fakes, resellers, dumb ass shoe store employees, jacked up kicks, the list goes on forever and its all already been said. What up to all my dudes on the community! thanks for takin me in since im new to it. if ya not on it, ya missin out! @keith, whats up man, im around nashville too and know exactly what ur talkin about. hit me up on the community!

  • Rockorocks

    I cant stand people who bug me about “why do you spend so much money on sneakers it could be spent better elsewhere” When I’n actuality I have nothing else to spend my money on, If I did it would have been taken care of. Then they get mad and say “you don’t have bills to pay, thats your parents money dude!”

    So? Thats my business or maybe I’m wrong.

    I hate when people rearrange the laces on their kicks….like do some nasty trendy shit to them.

    I have a problem when people have on a new release (oreo 6’s) and they’re wearing them in the rain or they already got scuffed. I have kicks from a year ago that still look brand new watdafuxup with these kids.

    I do spend my parents money but It’s definitely an investment. I’m the kind of kid who never has to go back to school shopping. <—not bragging I just take care of my shit.

  • Hye Style Kid

    I( hate when people try to challenge me saying ohh i got more than you or imma catch up……. you just told me you had like 12 pair. The biggest thing of all i hate when people slam, pull, squish, basically touch my shoe box

  • bxbomber

    I hate when ur niggas come over the house and they picking up ur sneakers and start asking a lot of dumb ass ?s about them or when dudes buy sneakers and they take a pic on they cell phone and send it 2 everybody


    #1 People who wear fakes and strongly argue that they are real.

    #2 People who lie about their collection and try to say they got 2 pair of each release.


  • balloutb

    A man should be able to sleep at a woman’s house and figure out if the jeans that are laying on the floor are his, with out checking the inside(please guys stop wearing skinnies, let your ankles and calves breath).

    I work at a shoe store and I hate people who over analyze a shoe ( its cool to check them out but do not pull out your CSI kit, I will not sell a person a jacked shoe I am very honest when it comes to that.)

    Not being able to hook up sneakers properly with a fresh tee, polo,or hoody,that sets the kicks off right, just wearing your kicks with anything, such as having on some red and black kicks and rocking a fresh shirt that is green and blue ( SMH).

    Somebody challeneging my stash when they are not a thought process for me.

    Dudes buying shoes that are to small everybody cannot were a 9.5.

    My self for writting these hateful comments but i need to this off my chest.

  • alkjdal

    rich kids who buy fake sneakers

  • Juice

    wow, whoever selling them patta’s i hate em for it!!! that’s my size but I ain’t got a G to grip em and if I did, I wouldn’t…That said, though I hate re-seller’s, I think we are bias in that, under certain circumstances, I’m sure alot of us would sell our shoes and try to get a decent price for them…If your OG 4 Black Cement’s went for a ridiculous price but someone was willing to buy em, would u sell em for cheap…?naww son. All in all, I feel like a G for a recent release is blasphemy but w.e. Thanks for the drop, G-Roc..

  • When customers walk into my shop with fakes 1s on and say mine are too high at regular suggested retail. So FAKES have to be number 1 on my pet peeve list.

  • NowTheRetroJordanAmbassador4Life

    -Deadstocking forever (Wear your shoes)
    -Camping out for more than one night (Yeezy’s a week+ is crazy)
    -Wearing shoes the same day they release
    -Piss yellow bottoms
    -Hype Beasts
    -Youtube videos galore explaining shoes in detail
    -Trading used shoes
    -All white shoes except low cut AF1’s
    -Buying shoes that aren’t your size (Franalations with size 12 Titaniums and he wears size 6) Had to mention it cause 12 is my size
    -Pushing back release dates

    Way too many to name

  • j_collector

    i hate when people rock shoes and tuck their jeans inside the tongue

  • C.Kicks316

    Fakes and Celebrity Sneakerheads. To me its like I have no respect for either 1). Folk who buy and wear fakes are just as fake as the shoe!! Sometimes they don’t know they’re wearing fakes other times they do and don’t care and that’s what’s messin’ up the game. 2). Celebrities have money! Of course they can buy kicks and like it said they get FREE kicks sometimes. The victory is much more sweeter if you’ve saved up for weeks (sometimes months) and buy a fresh pair of kicks. Celebrities can wear they’re’s out and go buy a new pair on the SPOT!!

  • Hye Style Kid

    Jean shorts and kicks

  • airjordanfan4567

    fakes and hypebeasts for me

  • superflyvalentin

    hahahahahahaha so true!

  • hypebeast video was funny

  • lo$w@rd g

    i hate win active atheletes bring the price up.like oreos after release was 300 and they dont have the sugestive price tag on the side.

  • sizzle

    flight club.

  • sam

    when you see the kicks u been lookin for, for the best price, but not in your size.

  • I hate when people complain about retros but do not have the OGs.
    I was at Wish and someone ask Jason Mayden what’s up wit the quality of retros? He said the materials of today are much better than back in the day. Someone else ask why is the shape different. Jason said because of the supply and demand. JB shares it’s factories with other companies and back then they use to let the shoes rest for a couple of days before boxing them up. Now with the demand of jordans today, JB do not have the time to let em rest. Personally I love my varsity reds suede wayy better than my infrafeds nubuck. That’s just my opionion though.

  • Or I hate it when people ask me why did I buy those kicks for if they wasn’t my size.
    First off I would only do that for limited releases and not GR
    Secondly, I got money period worry about your own fianances.

  • ^ damn my bad didn’t mean to sound grumpy lol

  • Alex

    Groc you a fool for that video…lol…good stuff

  • i hate when people try to stunt on you with their fusions. i was wearing hare 7s and dude with the fusion 9’s was like dog i shit on them hoes i was like wtf ?! and everybody agrred with him. all of a sudden every bodys a sneakerhead. i hate fusion and hybrid hypebeast. cuz trust me. everybody only likes em until the next release

  • vince

    cant stand wen im about to cop sum kicks and some ignoranus discombobulates the shit out of one of them. wtf, dont touch my fucking sneakers, did i ask u to take them shits out the box and do watever the fuck u was doing??!? ..out the store

  • flight club


  • JaYo

    1) When someone that you know who works in a sneaker store asks you if your getting a certain pair of sneakers when they release, knowing damn well they can’t hold you a pair because they’re getting them -_-
    2) Sneaker hustlers, (ppl who buy multiple pairs of a new release then sell them and hike up prices to make a huge profit) -_–
    3) Skinny/Fitted jean haters…Baggy clothes just isn’t the look anymore…
    4) When everyone wears the new release to the party/event that weekend..they all look real lame.
    can’t think of anything else at the moment lol

  • dmy

    yeah, i used to be big on the nike air thing too but after J. Mayden explained the reason, i had to respect JB for their decision.
    * hate the fact that no one wants to wear non-nike/non-jb products.
    * retro and older-model overkill; i need something new so i’ll have ogs later.

  • Bigg-unz

    When people think so highly of themselves without realizing, and thinking they are actually more down to earth than other shoe fanatics. “Bein apart of the sneakerhead subculture, I hate that label. You all make me look bad.. blah blah blah” ~You are generalizing too much. Every community has the douches, and the chill people. Okay, so you don’t feel flaunting and whatnot, and you think that posting your latest pickups on a forum or checking out the latest news on kicks is just apart of adding to the hype… Yet you’re passionate enough bout kicks that you ARE HERE reading this. Don’t be a hypocrite, and don’t stereotype. Not all sneakerheads are high school kiddies claiming their shoe game is tight cuz they been saving up the last 3 months of they allowance, camping out 2 nites ahead of the latest releases even though they look ugly as sin, etc. Shoes are tight, everybody cares about how they look no matter what they say. Just accept it, not everyone is the dickhead that you think they are just cuz they rock the newest retro J’s that came out. Hypocrites are bitches.

  • deceasedFame



  • NikexJordan45

    1.people who wear Fake Kicks & argue there real
    2.People who wear every color but the color on there Kicks
    3.People who step on my kicks
    4.people who make up there own name for sneakers
    5.people who have a problem with how many kicks i got or why don’t u wear your DS kicks?
    did u buy em 4 me ? NO so… (Shut Up)
    & the list goes on

  • T DINI

    I agree with SunnBlaze on both comments that’s da truth period!!

  • wadalex

    f**k boys on sole collector who dont ship after i already shipped. lost my firee reds and my olympic 7s. RIP

  • -people who don’t tuck their jeans into their tongues and pull tabs. especially with foams. i don’t care what you say that $hit is lame.
    -people who bi+ch incessantly about skinny jeans. get over it it’s not 1995 ain’t nobody rockin that baggy $hit but 400 pounders and dudes years behind style wise.
    -how whiny sneaker enthusiasts tend to be in general(even me)
    -being arouund someone in the same shoes as you.
    -how almost catty grown men can act dissecting someone else’s outfit.
    -people who work in shoe stores and have no clue what they’re selling.

  • how older heads seem to constantly be babbling on about how their time growing up was the greatest and the new generation is this and that. get over yourselves, every generation thinks they’re the best.