We all have pet peeves, right? So that means we all have a few pet peeves when it comes to sneakers and the sneaker culture. Come on, you can think of at least one pet peeve. Well, to make things easier, we added a few examples after the jump that might be a pet peeve in your book. However, we just wanted to get the ball rolling, so PLEASE feel free to share your pet peeves with everyone. If you use twitter, randomly tweet throughout the day the funniest pet peeves from this post by using #SneakerPetPeeves on twitter.

1.) Campouts

You didn’t always have to sleep outside for a pair of limited edition kicks, but nowadays this process is expected with all super limited sneaker releases.

2.) Fat Joe Sneaker Lick

If you don’t like it, blame it on Fat Joe. It’s funny how licking sneakers became the “cool thing” to do with deadstock/brand new (hopefully, never worn) sneakers.

3.) The Reseller

You may not like them, but let’s be honest, you NEED them. Maybe not everyone, but resellers come in handy at times. It’s just a hard pill to swallow knowing she/he paid $150 but their “Buy It Now” price is $700 plus free shipping. Ouch!

4.) The First Commenter that says “1st!”

We’ve all seen this before. Why is it that you have to let everyone know that you’re first? Are you that slow? What’s really sad is they usually don’t have anything else to say except, “1st!”.

5.) Deadstock Sneakers

Is it really that serious? Well, some people just don’t like deadstock sneakers for one reason or another. Sneakers are meant to be worn…true. However, who are you tell the next person what to do with their kicks? Nonetheless, this very well might be one of your sneaker pet peeves.

6.) Fakes

Fake sneakers are without a doubt everyone’s #1 sneaker pet peeve.

7.) Mark Ups

We all have a local shop that marks up highly sought after releases. Some shops even jack up the prices on regular non-hype releases. Shame on you.

8.) Celebrity Sneakerheads

For some reason, celebrity sneakerheads catch a lot of heat from sneakerheads and sneaker lovers. Maybe it’s because they get free kicks, like to brag, or give themselves titles that rub you the wrong way.

9.) Sneakers & Skinny Jeans

Remember, it’s all about what YOU like, but some people hate sneakers & skinny jeans. With that said, if the shoe pants fit, just make sure your comfy.

10.) The Hypebeast

They are known for following the hype, even if they don’t like the sneaker. They usually buy into the hype hoping it will make them cool. If you want to know how to be a hypebeast, watch the video and take notes.

Ok, now tell us your sneaker pet peeves below.

  • J.Chang

    I hate when I see people wearing black shoes with white socks…. smh

  • http://theshoegame.ning.com/ 4DRUMZ

    Posts that have soooo many comments that I don’t have the energy to read them all!

  • http://theshoegame.ning.com/ 4DRUMZ

    Punks who comment on posts who don’t go through and read all the other comments!

  • http://www.sneakerplay.com/gallery/nikeindabutt/?detail=1&sort=toprated Nikeindabutt

    ULTIMATE PEEVE – Dudes who rock low cut kicks (ex. III’s, VI’s) with shorts and HIGH SOCKS showing…

    That ish makes you look like one of the little rascals…knock it off!

  • Hye Style Kid

    I hate when people dont understand the love for kicks lol i hate when people intentionally step on my shoes to be funny.. Hate when people ask me where did i get something from sometimes i helppeople out but most of the time i just ignore em…..moms said dont talk to wanna be’s…. Hate when all my pair of Pippens creased after like 3 times of rocking em all in the same spot

  • John B

    wow you guys have pretty much summed it up! i hate fakes, resellers, dumb ass shoe store employees, jacked up kicks, the list goes on forever and its all already been said. What up to all my dudes on the community! thanks for takin me in since im new to it. if ya not on it, ya missin out! @keith, whats up man, im around nashville too and know exactly what ur talkin about. hit me up on the community!

  • Rockorocks

    I cant stand people who bug me about “why do you spend so much money on sneakers it could be spent better elsewhere” When I’n actuality I have nothing else to spend my money on, If I did it would have been taken care of. Then they get mad and say “you don’t have bills to pay, thats your parents money dude!”

    So? Thats my business or maybe I’m wrong.

    I hate when people rearrange the laces on their kicks….like do some nasty trendy shit to them.

    I have a problem when people have on a new release (oreo 6’s) and they’re wearing them in the rain or they already got scuffed. I have kicks from a year ago that still look brand new watdafuxup with these kids.

    I do spend my parents money but It’s definitely an investment. I’m the kind of kid who never has to go back to school shopping. <—not bragging I just take care of my shit.

  • Hye Style Kid

    I( hate when people try to challenge me saying ohh i got more than you or imma catch up……. you just told me you had like 12 pair. The biggest thing of all i hate when people slam, pull, squish, basically touch my shoe box

  • bxbomber

    I hate when ur niggas come over the house and they picking up ur sneakers and start asking a lot of dumb ass ?s about them or when dudes buy sneakers and they take a pic on they cell phone and send it 2 everybody


    #1 People who wear fakes and strongly argue that they are real.

    #2 People who lie about their collection and try to say they got 2 pair of each release.


  • balloutb

    A man should be able to sleep at a woman’s house and figure out if the jeans that are laying on the floor are his, with out checking the inside(please guys stop wearing skinnies, let your ankles and calves breath).

    I work at a shoe store and I hate people who over analyze a shoe ( its cool to check them out but do not pull out your CSI kit, I will not sell a person a jacked shoe I am very honest when it comes to that.)

    Not being able to hook up sneakers properly with a fresh tee, polo,or hoody,that sets the kicks off right, just wearing your kicks with anything, such as having on some red and black kicks and rocking a fresh shirt that is green and blue ( SMH).

    Somebody challeneging my stash when they are not a thought process for me.

    Dudes buying shoes that are to small everybody cannot were a 9.5.

    My self for writting these hateful comments but i need to this off my chest.

  • alkjdal

    rich kids who buy fake sneakers

  • Juice

    wow, whoever selling them patta’s i hate em for it!!! that’s my size but I ain’t got a G to grip em and if I did, I wouldn’t…That said, though I hate re-seller’s, I think we are bias in that, under certain circumstances, I’m sure alot of us would sell our shoes and try to get a decent price for them…If your OG 4 Black Cement’s went for a ridiculous price but someone was willing to buy em, would u sell em for cheap…?naww son. All in all, I feel like a G for a recent release is blasphemy but w.e. Thanks for the drop, G-Roc..

  • http://myspace.com/sneaker.dude biggsby the sneaker dude

    When customers walk into my shop with fakes 1s on and say mine are too high at regular suggested retail. So FAKES have to be number 1 on my pet peeve list.

  • NowTheRetroJordanAmbassador4Life

    -Deadstocking forever (Wear your shoes)
    -Camping out for more than one night (Yeezy’s a week+ is crazy)
    -Wearing shoes the same day they release
    -Piss yellow bottoms
    -Hype Beasts
    -Youtube videos galore explaining shoes in detail
    -Trading used shoes
    -All white shoes except low cut AF1’s
    -Buying shoes that aren’t your size (Franalations with size 12 Titaniums and he wears size 6) Had to mention it cause 12 is my size
    -Pushing back release dates

    Way too many to name

  • j_collector

    i hate when people rock shoes and tuck their jeans inside the tongue

  • C.Kicks316

    Fakes and Celebrity Sneakerheads. To me its like I have no respect for either 1). Folk who buy and wear fakes are just as fake as the shoe!! Sometimes they don’t know they’re wearing fakes other times they do and don’t care and that’s what’s messin’ up the game. 2). Celebrities have money! Of course they can buy kicks and like it said they get FREE kicks sometimes. The victory is much more sweeter if you’ve saved up for weeks (sometimes months) and buy a fresh pair of kicks. Celebrities can wear they’re’s out and go buy a new pair on the SPOT!!

  • Hye Style Kid

    Jean shorts and kicks

  • airjordanfan4567

    fakes and hypebeasts for me

  • superflyvalentin

    hahahahahahaha so true!

  • https://twitter.com/KICKS4DAYS Devin aka kicks

    hypebeast video was funny

  • lo$w@rd g

    i hate win active atheletes bring the price up.like oreos after release was 300 and they dont have the sugestive price tag on the side.

  • sizzle

    flight club.

  • sam

    when you see the kicks u been lookin for, for the best price, but not in your size.

  • http://Theshoegame.com Alexthagr8

    I hate when people complain about retros but do not have the OGs.
    I was at Wish and someone ask Jason Mayden what’s up wit the quality of retros? He said the materials of today are much better than back in the day. Someone else ask why is the shape different. Jason said because of the supply and demand. JB shares it’s factories with other companies and back then they use to let the shoes rest for a couple of days before boxing them up. Now with the demand of jordans today, JB do not have the time to let em rest. Personally I love my varsity reds suede wayy better than my infrafeds nubuck. That’s just my opionion though.

  • http://Theshoegame.com Alexthagr8

    Or I hate it when people ask me why did I buy those kicks for if they wasn’t my size.
    First off I would only do that for limited releases and not GR
    Secondly, I got money period worry about your own fianances.

  • http://Theshoegame.com Alexthagr8

    ^ damn my bad didn’t mean to sound grumpy lol

  • Alex

    Groc you a fool for that video…lol…good stuff

  • http://myspace.com/mikemata datkidmike23

    i hate when people try to stunt on you with their fusions. i was wearing hare 7s and dude with the fusion 9’s was like dog i shit on them hoes i was like wtf ?! and everybody agrred with him. all of a sudden every bodys a sneakerhead. i hate fusion and hybrid hypebeast. cuz trust me. everybody only likes em until the next release

  • vince

    cant stand wen im about to cop sum kicks and some ignoranus discombobulates the shit out of one of them. wtf, dont touch my fucking sneakers, did i ask u to take them shits out the box and do watever the fuck u was doing??!? ..out the store

  • flight club


  • JaYo

    1) When someone that you know who works in a sneaker store asks you if your getting a certain pair of sneakers when they release, knowing damn well they can’t hold you a pair because they’re getting them -_-
    2) Sneaker hustlers, (ppl who buy multiple pairs of a new release then sell them and hike up prices to make a huge profit) -_–
    3) Skinny/Fitted jean haters…Baggy clothes just isn’t the look anymore…
    4) When everyone wears the new release to the party/event that weekend..they all look real lame.
    can’t think of anything else at the moment lol

  • dmy

    yeah, i used to be big on the nike air thing too but after J. Mayden explained the reason, i had to respect JB for their decision.
    * hate the fact that no one wants to wear non-nike/non-jb products.
    * retro and older-model overkill; i need something new so i’ll have ogs later.

  • Bigg-unz

    When people think so highly of themselves without realizing, and thinking they are actually more down to earth than other shoe fanatics. “Bein apart of the sneakerhead subculture, I hate that label. You all make me look bad.. blah blah blah” ~You are generalizing too much. Every community has the douches, and the chill people. Okay, so you don’t feel flaunting and whatnot, and you think that posting your latest pickups on a forum or checking out the latest news on kicks is just apart of adding to the hype… Yet you’re passionate enough bout kicks that you ARE HERE reading this. Don’t be a hypocrite, and don’t stereotype. Not all sneakerheads are high school kiddies claiming their shoe game is tight cuz they been saving up the last 3 months of they allowance, camping out 2 nites ahead of the latest releases even though they look ugly as sin, etc. Shoes are tight, everybody cares about how they look no matter what they say. Just accept it, not everyone is the dickhead that you think they are just cuz they rock the newest retro J’s that came out. Hypocrites are bitches.

  • deceasedFame



  • NikexJordan45

    1.people who wear Fake Kicks & argue there real
    2.People who wear every color but the color on there Kicks
    3.People who step on my kicks
    4.people who make up there own name for sneakers
    5.people who have a problem with how many kicks i got or why don’t u wear your DS kicks?
    did u buy em 4 me ? NO so… (Shut Up)
    & the list goes on

  • T DINI

    I agree with SunnBlaze on both comments that’s da truth period!!

  • wadalex

    f**k boys on sole collector who dont ship after i already shipped. lost my firee reds and my olympic 7s. RIP

  • http://comcast.net merlotdowndirtyshame

    -people who don’t tuck their jeans into their tongues and pull tabs. especially with foams. i don’t care what you say that $hit is lame.
    -people who bi+ch incessantly about skinny jeans. get over it it’s not 1995 ain’t nobody rockin that baggy $hit but 400 pounders and dudes years behind style wise.
    -how whiny sneaker enthusiasts tend to be in general(even me)
    -being arouund someone in the same shoes as you.
    -how almost catty grown men can act dissecting someone else’s outfit.
    -people who work in shoe stores and have no clue what they’re selling.

  • http://comcast.net merlotdowndirtyshame

    how older heads seem to constantly be babbling on about how their time growing up was the greatest and the new generation is this and that. get over yourselves, every generation thinks they’re the best.