A New Company Wants to Help You With Sneaker Storage

sole stacks sneaker storage

What’s your sneaker storage game looking like right now?

For many of us, functional and proper sneaker storage is an ongoing issue. If you’re single and live alone it’s all good. I was definitely one of those guys whose entire living space was filled with kicks.

But for those married couples or people sharing space, you better make sure your sneakers are not the main attraction of the household. I’ve seen it so many times!

Some people have a huge home or closet, some rent storage units, some use plastic boxes from The Container Store, and some of us are just out here trying to make it work the old fashioned way.

A footwear designer named Jacob Garcia from Boston is the founder of Sole Stacks. With the creation of Sole Stacks, Jacob hopes to redefine what sneaker storage means.

His triangular designed sneaker storage is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise enough money to bring Sole Stacks into fruition. If you like it, support it… or create something that will help us all.

How do you keep your collection organized and what do you think of Sole Stacks?

Source: High Snobiety

sole stacks sneaker storage

sole stacks sneaker storage

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  • “I was definitely one of those guys whose entire living space was filled with kicks.”

    LOL at “was.”

  • LeBron Champ, Steph Choke

    My storage game is in the gutter lol. Just stacks of boxes in a couple of rooms.

  • javi

    Not surprised you saying you have boxes and boxes of shoes hypebeast. Cuz that’s what you do?

  • Ray.

    Not really feeling it. Im sure ppl will give him a lot of love tho. Im more into those drop front joints in the related post section. Those are more my style. I like to keep my shoes and hats encased so they don’t accumulate a bunch of dust..

  • Executive One:1

    If I was 15 I’d buy.

  • Executive One:1

    At this point in my life I just throw them in the closet.

  • Looks odd. The IKEA Ikar system is much better (IMHO), especially if a. you like to build stuff and b. your collection will continue to expand for the unforeseeable future.

  • yeah im sure there are some stacks still floating around. even with all the official things you got going on lol.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Doubt my storage situation will ever be this sophisticated but for now… #shruglife

  • I have way too much for something like this to have any significance but I absolutely love the aesthetic for those that find it useful.