Somebody’s Gotta Do It! – Say No to Fakes Vol. 10

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a sneakerhead, is for them to get called out about wearing fakes at a sneaker event. Our very on TSG reader ATLforces33 stepped to plate at Sneakerfriends ’08 and informed a clueless attendee that her Air Jordan 7’s were fake. Not only did he inform her, but he also gave her a real pair of AF1’s in exchange for her fake Jordans. Thank God she got called out towards the end of the party because majority of the people had already left. Calling people out about wearing fakes isn’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it. The quality of the video sucks, but you can get an idea of what’s going on. Also, peep the pics after the jump.

Sneakerfriends '08

Sneakerfriends '08

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  • Dus you a fool for that stunt…lol

    At least she’s been schooled

  • Daaaaaamn,

    That Hurts MY Feelins,
    I KNO She Was Hurt…

    Or at Tha Very Least, Embarassed..!!]

  • classic

  • sole4sole

    lol this made my day. that was cold though.

  • abelinoSFV

    that was dope he did koo and smoth I fakes all the time but i don’t trip it’s so when who ever’s rocking fakes and they think they are all that so sadd….

  • Bolo

    she looks corny anyways

  • jazz

    wow im embrassed for her…

  • Ms. Nike

    lol yo im so glad i left when i did because if i woulda seen yall do that i woulda cried! because i seen her and she actually said something bout my kickz but FAKES are not excepted anywere! Lol yo itz bad enough females dont get luv already then she had 2 go do this! but itz cool she has officially stop shoppin in the flea market! yo G-roc holla @ me man!

  • “WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW” But ay somebody had to do it.. sooner or later. Real nice of him to give her some AF1’s though.

  • jon blaze

    everyone there already knew they were fake, she got a free pair out of it…1 fake down 784392347584930298 to go

  • Drew

    Will somebody please let me know the name of those shoes the dude with the mic is wearing that have air down the side


    Lol…wow…at least she was a good sport about it and wasn’t in denial or tryna save face…and at least Atlforces didn’t just clown her but also did something to help the situation. Lol@ people in the background yelling “Burn that s***!” and stomping the shoes haha

  • That was super cool that he gave her some kicks instead of just blasting her.

  • VuittonDon

    The guy in the video is wearing Nike Air More Uptempo’s also known as the Pippen’s.



  • Dragon Hill

    I would have made her walk home barefoot. Sorry, but I don’t play that shit.

    Just kidding.

  • sole4sole

    wow and its good she didnt get mad. shout out to atlforces33 for this power move.

  • Jay Bills

    mannnnnnnn that was so sad. she didn’t have any idea as to what was going on smh

  • bra

    wow i feel so bad for her lol
    nice lightning IVs tho

  • queen of ny

    I would have told her at the door. I’m a chick and u don’t play that fake crap

  • 4DRUMZ

    PLEASE do your research and look educated when you buy a pair of J.’s! Common sense people… Nike and Michael wouldn’t release crap like that! I can’t even believe someone would try and pass that off… not even at the flea market!

  • gotta do wat u gotta do…

  • nesha

    wow. lol. thats kinda mean. . . but im sure she knew they were fake from the start. . i mean look at em. smh. but hey atleast she got some new shoes.

  • woooooord.

    I agree with queen of ny, they should check fools at the door; a “No Fakes” policy should always be in effect at these events.

    Good job though, one more fake off the streets.


  • Juliano Soprano

    Big ups to ATLforces33 for callin her out in the least intrusive way possible lol, most people would’ve probably acted really foolish to show how much of a sneakerhead they are, w/o realizing that she probably just new to the game and really ignorant to the whole fake situation, I respect that right there. but I also agree w/ jaime when he said that there should be a fake check at the door when it comes to events like these…………

  • I noticed that in the pictures the first time. Even though it is forever on youtube now!!!! Mean or not, you should never in your life call yourself a sneakerhead and not know the difference between real or fake! I call people out ever where I go. I spot on average 5 a day. I just don’t stick to shoes either, all you people rocking them fake bape clothes, fake red monkeys, girls with the fake hand bags. I use to go crazy on people with the fake Von Dutch. Worse thing about that, Von Dutch didn’t even cost that much. I’m calling you all out!!!! It’s not safe with me around… Nothing about me is fake, not even the personality…

  • Adem


  • she looked lame to begin with…

    and since when dikes care about fashion anyways.