Sophia Chang x #SheGotShoeGame 9.25.14

SheGotShoeGame featuring Sophia Chang

Women honoring women.

Today we have a very special edition of #SheGotShoeGame to commemorate the 1st birthday for our column dedicated to ladies. When TSG started #SheGotShoeGame in 2013 we wanted to recognize all the classy women who really love their sneakers. With that being said, no birthday would be right without some gifts!

Ladies, we handed this column over to a female who embodies what #SheGotShoeGame is all about, Sophia Chang. Not only is she in love with sneakers, but her talents as a designer landed her the opportunity to create an entire collection with Puma. In addition to selecting 20 ladies to be featured today, Sophia Chang also is giving away pairs of her Puma collaboration to 6 women in this article. Winners of the giveaway will be announced tomorrow.

Click through to see the 20 gals Sophia Chang has selected for this months #SheGotShoeGame after the jump!

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Any woman with the opportunity to collab/design her own pair…salute. If I get the chance one day…maaaaaan

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    @JapaneseDiva2 – the Salt n Pepa ’89 throwback kufi though woooow

  • famlay

    this is pretty cool for the female community. that bambams girl oh my ! Followed.

    sidenote I think sophia’s favorite words are dope, and juxtaposition haha.

  • salute to all the ladies featured. Thank you Sophia!

  • Executive

    #11 buuuuuuuuuuuuuumbaaaaaaa! Lord forgive me for the thoughts I just had.

  • ghost

    I like 9. Idk if 12 chose that as a background or if she just live in the ghetto, and 13 has Yeezys. I don’t even think that’s fair to all the other women.

  • sirfresh

    They got style

  • crashmoney

    Cuz the girls look so good … Next