South Beach Nike LeBron 15

South Beach Nike LeBron 15…

south beach nike lebron 15

Miami vibes back on Bron’s latest signature shoe.

Last night the Cavs took its talents to Miami to play the Heat. Nike Basketball has been going LeBron Watch crazy and pulled a fast one on us once again.

King James debuted the South Beach colorway of the LeBron 15. This pair channeled the look of the SB LeBron 8 that started the South Beach series.

As of right now, this shoe is currently only made for LeBron, says Nike. I’m not buying that at all. I think Nike is testing the water to see how many people will spend money on this shoe.

I think we will see a release sooner than later. However, I could be wrong.

How do you feel about the SB LeBron XV?

South Beach Nike LeBron 15

Photo: Cavs Instagram

south beach nike lebron 15

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  • C Brown

    Yawwwwwwnnnnnnn….guess they gotta try something to get these bricks to start moving on shelves…

  • theloverswineverytime

    They dope to me. I’d take em.

  • CrashMoney

    15 is ? Imo

  • javi

    You’ll take any shoe hype?

  • Erosion

    South Beach Redemption. They tried and failed with all of the other SB models.

  • Executive chemical

    Haven’t copped a 15 yet, I love the 15.

  • curt diggler

    That last pic looks like an official release photo.

  • Have you copped a pair yet?

  • Whaaaaaaaaaat?????

  • Yeah the official Nike photo. They trolling

  • A lot of people feeling the LeBron 15

  • Lamo at South Beach Redemption

  • Lol. I even sold my South Beach 8s… but that will always be the best one.

  • sharpie

    Took awhile but the 15s finally grew on me. I got the Air Max 95s straight ???.

  • Executive chemical

    I bought my son a pair and I tried a pair on and was ready to cram on someone!