Space Jam Jordan Hype Turns Into Space Jam Madness at Foot Locker

Space Jam Jordan Hype Turns Into Space Jam Madness at Foot Locker


Foot Locker

We have yet to get all the details, but according to twitter, the Space Jam Air Jordan 11 hype turned into Space Jam madness at a Foot Locker location…

We’re not sure as to what Foot Locker this is, but we were told it happen here in Atlanta. At this time we can’t confirm any details. However, we can say it’s sad what some people are willing to do for a pair of sneakers. If you have any additional information about the image above or other interesting stories please let it be known in the comments section.

Space Jam Twitter Trending Topic

In other Space Jam news, both Space Jams and #spacejams is a Trending Topic on twitter. What is a Trending Topic? Let’s just say it’s one of the most talked about topics on twitter. In other words, it’s a TON of people tweeting about Space Jams!

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  • Josegarcia512

    My fault on the double post

  • sneaker head

    Da funny ting is… out in NYC peeps was online making jokes n ish as we waited for our turn 2 get the kicks… smh @ these clowns

  • AJ head

    Thank God,?I live in JAPAN.
    I went my store about a half hour before the store open.
    Three guys were there, and I got my size icy Space Jam.
    No husttle, riot things like that.

  • Kevinduzit

    I got 5 pairs for retail no tax no line. Feels good to have the hookup

  • big hank

    wow just saw some azz clown on ebay tryin to sell a pair for 800….
    this is just gettin nuts

  • Hye Style Kid

    I got a pair but happened to walk into HoH yesterday bamma asked did we get our space jams so he tells me it was madness people didnt get the ones they wanted like someone that wore a size 9 would get a 13 i tell u the game is crazy with everyone now a days and i picked up the lebron red carpets like it was nothing yesterday i woulda been mad if i seen a lil foot person with a size 13 though glad i had my shoes held for me

  • http://Nicekicks Juice

    Damnnnn they ode on thm

  • TorontoComeUp

    toronto did preorders, but we had to pay 240 for em, but still, no line no nothing

  • iRockJays

    Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon had this happen to their front doors of the mall. So many people trying to get in it just snapped. People got trampled. I watched a woman in her mid-40’s get pushed into a wall! Crazy stuff.

  • ibehi

    i totally agree with sneakerhead616! shit i got me a a connect, and got 2 pairs with no hassle. no waiting in line for hours jus showed up when they released copt em n bounced n my other connect get em for me about a week early. if you really loved shoes so mch as most of you say get in good with some people that will make it easier for you to get when something you want drops.

  • realscartel

    happened in both atl and miami i believe

  • Smegma Smith

    N****gers need to get thier priorities straight

  • shine408


  • ChynaDollBaby123

    Hahahaha, I Got the SpaceJam’s In The Morning When They First Came Out!Nd They Said I Got the Last Pair In That store lls! there coming back on saturday so get a life