Staple x Air Walk Sneakers for Payless

Staple Air Walk The Terrain Sneaker

Jeff Staple continues to keep the community feathers ruffled with his shoe collaborations and his follow-up with Air Walk designs. The Staple name soars to new heights with a line of releases that are kept at a resonable price and for good reason. Being able to reach a larger market with the Staple name under the Payless retail venue, the STPL x Air Walk  collaborative releases will be sold for under $50.

The Terrain will be featured in two more colorways, orange/purple, brown/red, and a number of new releases such as The Heaven Slip-On, The 50/50, and The Gambit are soon to come if not already stocked for retail.

If you dont live near a Payless, Reed Space will also carry the complete line and retail price will remain the same. Jeff Staple has taken the initiative to reach people on all levels to make sure everyone will be happy to walk “Pigeon” toed. Spotted at Highsnobiety via Stapledesign

Enjoy the pics after the jump!

The Terrain

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

The Heaven Slip-On

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

The 50/50

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

The Gambit

Jeff Staple x Air Walk

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  • snkrtrnk

    might have to hit up payless for these…been forever since i bought a pair of airwalks back then in those broke days mom dukes used to take me there to cop kicks…used to hate them. airwalks weren’t there when i was there airwalks were sold at regular spots. REMEMBER them McGregor joints??? or what’s the other brand of kicks they had???

  • Payless or not these are kinda hard man.

  • Paper Chasr OSD

    The Terrain and the Gambit are Fresh. I will own / rock those with respect.

  • edizzle

    i have to admit.the design aint too bad. rofl. even though they are payless, id rock the gambits. rofl. nice to hear jeff going more diverse in his work.

  • ^I like the Gambit Paper.

  • d-19

    ^cosign the gambit, but the rest of these are hideous

  • c brown

    This is an interseting concept…If you hate on it because its payless your an elitest bastard looking down on people…if you hate it because you feel like Jeff is watering down his brand your not open minded enough to understand that ALL people deserve good kicks regardless of income….Im gonna co-sign these because its not the Pigeon Payless Kicks or some ish like that..but rather a new design, color scheme, etc…he’s making something fresh and orginal to a market that usually cant afford to be orginal…I think that has to be commended…..I mean lets not get carried away, I dont see myself rolling into a payless anytime soon to cop some kicks but for lower income families etc..I think this is a great move….

  • I co-sign c brown.

  • i like the terrain but the gambits are so hard too…i think these are copped like john mcclain.

  • PegCityKickZ

    For Payless shoes, these are sick. Might cop.

  • I love what the recession has
    done for brands/consumers.
    this was one great move for JS
    to resonate with the consumer
    who may long for good kicks but
    no funds to match
    The birds must migrate you can say
    Staple movin Pigeons in the drought lol

  • koz.corrupt

    out of the group, gambit and terrain strike me as something i could see wearing, but all in all not a bad group of shoes. im not much into labels. i dont buy clothes or apparel for that matter based on labels. if you think about it, all shoes are made out of leather, with rubber soles. just some have a named stamped on them that are known and some arent. and in todays world where gas is nearing $5/gal. and cigarettes are highway robbery, the guy wearing them terrains is going to look fresh driving by the guy wearing his dunks, walking to work in the morning or catching the bus to the unemployment office.

  • eof

    the gambit ( fake alife) THE 50/50 ( fake lacosta) the terrain stole the toe box side from (Nike RT1) FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • Unfortunately “eof” you are not very aware on the history of sneakers. The chukka design you referred to as fake “alife’s” have been in existence for decades.the rt1’s are a compilation of several other silhouettes itself. And lacoste just started designing sneakers in the past 4 years. You are probably under the age of twenty thus your lack of knowledge is forgiven. But if you deem a shoe fake or wack if it has features or design similarities of other shoes then you should hate 90% of all sneakers you own and love. Except for year retros. Terrains are dope

  • ^preach