Staple x Jordan Brand Teaser

Jeff Staple is well known in the sneaker community for his collaborative work with Nike SB. The Pigeon SB Dunk is considered a classic by many, and perhaps one of the craziest sneaker releases in history. Since then, Jeff has worked with other footwear brands, including Airwalk and New Balance. I bet you never thought Jeff’s Staple Design brand would ever partner with Jordan Brand, right?

Jeff posted a teaser photo of his Jordan collaboration on Instagram today.

Here’s what he said:

I “became” a sneakerhead in 6th grade. It was the AJ3. Social Studies class. I walked in and snapped the necks of the entire class — including the teacher! From that point on it was game over. Fast forward 2 decades & now this…. Details to come soon. But just know this: Dream do come true. Dreams that you cannot even currently FATHOM can come true. No need for prayers. No need for miracles. Just bust ur ass every damn day… And one day, you’ll be pinching yourself like I am now…wondering…is this real life?

TSG caught wind of this collab at the top of this year. No spoiler alerts, though. Jeff and JB should release details soon, so stay tuned!

Is it a Staple Air Jordan 11?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • xkb

    wow, inspirational

  • John B.

    Uh oh….let the mayhem begin

  • Shane D.

    This better not be a Pigeon Jordan 11.

  • 23edge

    Make them a 2013 Christmas release… and keep the brand ticking for another year

  • Chevy Boy

    They’ll probably do a 3. That’s the hint I caught…

  • Executive

    Don’t even know what’s going on but I’m in line…

  • SPINS6136


    Anticipation commence!!!!

  • Pls don’t JB… It’s mostlikely the 11’s, i remember few months before people were saying 2 Jordan 11 will release this year.. I guess it was true

  • Just Kicks

    What?????? I gotta see this.

  • Bassy

    @Chevy Boy: 95/96 was the year of the 11s…even XI is printed on the tag…so there is no guessin..must be a XI/11

  • “”? Never be afraid to FAIL…

  • scuhtuhd

    its pretty clearly the 11 seeing the XI on the tag or whatever this is…

  • Jstar

    whatever it will be all i can do is just watch, because all the Celebs will get them and only a few will get to us….Nike is playing games with us and watching the little people fight over a few pairs at each store….

  • omar najeeb

    @jstar. Right on brother!!

  • sek

    this is going to be a massacre and a mission to obtain smh just drop em dont even put up a release date