Nike SB Dunk High Statue of Liberty Update

The Statue of Liberty Nike SB Dunk High was previewed on Friday. A new image of the Dunk hit the web today which gives a closer look at the sneaker.

The Statue of Liberty SB Dunk features features a layer underneath the seagrass colorway that appears once the shoes are skated. This is a unique addition, yet clever feature that reminds us of the Slam City Skates Nike SB Dunks. The Dunks are set to release next month. Stay tuned for more details. via NSB

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  • Hmmmm… Interesting touch.

  • Dope!!!

  • Still not a fan.
    The colorway is terrible to me!
    I just don’t like these dunks though.

  • @alsneaks

    soooo by “skated” I’m assuming we’re talking about turfin em up right? hopefully the paint or whatever won’t start chipping off during casual wears.

  • KidZilla

    Dammm …… So These are a lil sumthin like the clot x airforce ones that came out not to long ago …. Real nice

  • the colorway isn’t for me, but don’t act like this ISN’t a cool idea cos you know it is. well done SB

  • aSh

    Just changed my mind on these…. Copped!!!

  • Nice will grab these mos def!

  • ECN

    Wow this hidden layer just made this shoe very desireable .The theme is really dope too.

  • nice idea…need to see it in person! interesting..

  • Jerronimo

    Interesting twist. Gives it a rustic look to them like the Statue. All it needs now is some bird shyt…lol

  • atgbryan

    hmmmm…nice concept, may have to pick up a pair

  • chris-rewynd

    thats actually pretty cool

  • jus4kix

    not too sure bout the rust stains. got em c em in a few more pix or in person

  • B_2_sick

    i wonder how many ppl gon ask skater to skate these lol…but i will mos def skate min lol

  • weezy23

    it is an interesting different look but not sure if i like em!!


    fran said it.

  • Mr_Kadillac

    Absolute genius idea!! I love this! That means I can just lightly scuff the shoe up and get it to show the “rust” in certain areas. COPPED!!

  • Stank


  • Ayetothedea

    Shoulda gave it a fat tongue….. but sick shoe

  • im on board now!!! didnt like em before but i love the concept more now. yess a pair of sweet looking SB dunks that I can skate in that will actually make it look better. Guess now I can hang up my suede blazers and vans for a min so I can skate in some dunks

  • PTownD

    these just got better,ima cop over here in cali

  • Hobo

    Doesn’t copper turn green when it rusts why would they start it green and turn it copperish maybe the other way would have been better

  • frank

    @Hobo – Yeah from what I remember, the statue is green becaues of the rusting or w/e you wanna call it. It wasn’t originally green to begin with. The statued turned green from rusting.
    So in a way, this is supposed to be the reverse effect? If Nike did this intentionally, then bravo to them for thinking outside the box.

  • soulie17

    That’s so dope! Even though it is the opposite of what happens (starts copper, turns green)


    I hope so @alsneaks

  • supper j

    you cant keep the mid sole clean when you skate them so they will look all beat and un dope. i think that if you want them to have the rust you have to sand it off.


    maybe in another color

  • Wilbury

    ewww, yuck! what is that brown shiznick? what happened to the first pic, completely different. they obviously went for the ‘theme’ over the ‘looks’. I thought they would be a nice light pearlescent green, wack a white leather swoosh, with the brown and cream sole, maybe a steel silver lace up. Bang. You got your self a nice shoe. No thanks on these.

  • John B

    im all over these, good concept and nicely executed imo

  • I love em. Definitely buying these. 🙂

  • Nata5_23

    Its called “oxidation”. They look pony.

    Bring back Orange grey “tearway” nike vandal high canvas – 308852 561

  • Jamie from Philly

    Dope colorway. Dope idea.

  • dj.jbras

    As for those that clearly didn’t pay attention in school, I’m thinking those “Rust Stains” are suppose to be copper. The green is what happens to copper! This process is called Oxidation as Nata5_23 also metioned. So the green is more of a “rust” than anything. And for those that don’t know, copper can not rust! I’m even guessing that it is going backwards due to the fact that most people had no clue the statue use to be nothing but copper (still is!). Plus, how stupid would it look if it was going from copper/brown to mint green?

  • usweatmykicks

    im feelin the rustic look


    YEAH I GOT ME MY PAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F’N RETARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!