“Stepping On People’s Jordans” Prank Gone Wrong

It’s not a prank to everyone.

‘In The Hood’ pranks have been the latest trend on YouTube lately. Some kids wonder around the hood in New York City, doing some stupid stuff and try to get beat up for views. Its like a train wreck you can’t help but to watch. In the latest episode, DennisCeeTV decides to step on some folks Jordans and well… you can guess the rest.

My questions is: Do you think this was staged or did he get genuine reactions?

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Professionally sarcastic, but I also enjoy cameras, orange juice, & airheads. instagram/twitter: @rayp_photos

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  • Malcolm

    Never step on a black man shoe he’s gonna feel some type of way no matter what the situation is

  • OSU

    Ignorant ass kids. And they wonder why shit happens. The cats they pranked was like level 3 far as reaction. Had it been some real goons out there them idiots probably would have been taken away in body bags over something silly as that.

  • curtdiggler

    Would’ve enjoyed it more if dude got hurt real bad and it was caught on camera

  • sirfresh

    i like when dude in vegas walks up to people and say there jordans are fake that sh!t is comedy.

  • Southpaw

    Never step on a MAN’s shoe regardless. You deserve to get busted in the mouth going around like this.

  • For a demographic that probably hasn’t much else…. I’ll stop there.

  • omar najeeb

    @ jop….regardless of what a demographic is used to having, whether more than shoes or just shoes, a muthaphuka has no right to step on somebody’s foot for kicks. Phaggot is lucky he didn’t get left where was seen.

  • Lem

    I don’t which is sadder. The fact that someone would do that knowing the potential outcome? Or the fact that such an action would dictate a particular response from the demographic being pranked.

  • @lem, dude went up to them and found out their value, expressed his interest, then purposely, consciously stepped on their foot, showing great disrespect. Its more than just messing up their Js.. its them standing their ground.

    I’m not one to make a big deal when someone steps on my kicks – Philly and Penn State are congested places, it happens – but if i know someone went out of their way to step on my feet.. thats like homeboy tryna talk to my girl, even if he already knows shes taken.

    That being said, bet money this is fake.

  • Lem

    @Davon^^^ I definitely hear what you’re saying. However, I’m saddened by the fact that such a response would be warranted over something that is as superficial as a pair of shoes.

    I’m older so I guess my line of thinking has changed. I always ask myself, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” in certain situations. I could bust this guys head but in the end what would it solve?

    Now if a cat disrespecting my wife well I’m ready to go to jail. Lol!

  • omar najeeb

    For me, its not about the shoes. Its about respect. If I have on some boing-oings and somebody purposely steps on my feet, that’s a phuking problem.

  • Omar that’s not where I was headed at all. I’m simply saddened by the accuracy of the satire. That is all…

  • KNA

    This is just dumb and disgusting. I’m not surprised by the reactions. Rude.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Raise your hand if you peeked in just to see these dudes get effed all the way up *raises hand*

  • freshprince_cincy

    Dude was mad over some spizikes?!? LMAO not to mention he did more damage to them by tackling dude to the ground haha smh!! Btw stepping on somebody kickz (on purpose) is the same as calling them a B!*#h which = DISRESPECT no matter what demographic!!

  • SupaB

    These dudes been pulling pranks on dudes in the hood for a while now, and they know what’s gonna happen. They won’t stop until they catch a hot one in them tho.

    Having said all that, we need to do better and not give these mofos the reaction they’re so craving. Plus we need to NOT watch their videos also…

  • omar najeeb

    @ nikeinda….lol. I certainly did check in in hopes of seein somebody get phukd all-the-way up.
    But I’m not gettin some of the comments about “folks actin like that over (blank blank) shoe..” though. Like, are you supposed to think its ok to purposely have your foot stepped on…no matter the shoe that the foot is in? Cmon, now…

  • Ray.

    It’s not the shoes themselves. It’s all about respect. It’s the same as if someone walking toward you bumps you with their shoulder, esp. w/o apologizing. Is it worth going to jail over? Maybe not. Then again, may be depending on the situation or circumstances. I mean, I see some of yall on here wanna be upstanding citizens and turn the other cheek but I can’t really imagine someone not getting upset if someone purposely step on ya foot, or wiped something on your shirt, or just blatantly disrespected you.

  • aSh

    Really… what is wrong with kids these days…

  • Dee

    You step on my hard bottoms that I wear daily, my J’s that I wear every blue moon or my loafers, intentionally then I’m going to fuck you up.

    I might even take your shoes for disrespecting me.

  • Biga173rd

    This video gets 4 thumbs down. I would drop kick the Sh*t out of both of these herbs if they pull this A** clown move on me. FOH!

  • running_head

    We just gonna act like that guy wasnt wearing just a diaper at 52 seconds?????

  • crashmoney

    These dudes need to get f’ed up jus for the idea …Im sick of the prank videos for fame … What’s next scratch a car … Do something positive for views …Give some kids kicks n watch em go crazy …I don’t care what you doin if your trying to clown me ( video or not ) .
    And when they say ” hey its a prank ….” I wouldn’t stop till they out.

  • Pat Mcfeely

    You don’t step on a man’s shoes period. I wouldn’t get as physical but they’re definitely catching that verbal.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Look like a bunch of homo thugs.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    These “pranks” are played the fu ck out and were never funny to me, that dude to old to be doing that sh it!! I don’t care if it’s a Jordan shoe or a Payless shoe it’s DISRESPECTFUL and could result in a a$$ whippin’.

  • LadyKIx

    To be honest….this needs to stop..These dudes are clearly trying to provoke and gain the wrong reaction and laugh at it. These dudes are going to mess with the wrong one on a bad day then the news headline will read” Black kills Innocent White Over Stepping on a Pair of Jordan’s”! But in all reality it’s a form of blatant disrespect!!!!!! I don’t care if it was a pair of Shaq’s from Walmart! These dudes are out here playing games in a part of the city they have no business! Smh this is a crazy world.


    I’m sorry but respect is just one of many factors. Socioeconomic factors and history play a huge role. We act like we all started the race in America at the same line. It’s a very sensitive matter to never have something such as clothes. Just the fact that many clothes for nonwealthy were hand-me-downs through generations. Racism today is not what it is 100 yrs ago, but it still exist. Nowadays with our culture finally blending in our figurative melting pot, we now use our prejudices via the forms of classism. Capitalism is USA. The only way disrespect happens is when it affects your pockets. Stepping on shoes hurts your pockets.

  • Drewiththeglasses

    Kicks are costing upwards of $250….$250 that I worked hard for. My kicks could have cost $50, I bought that, I worked hard for that. It’s disrespectful to purposely step on them. That a@@ got to get whooped

  • nesto42

    The irony is that most of the homies that are hypersensitive about dumb things like shoes getting stepped on are the same street “tough guys”.

    I always thought shoes were meant to be worn and look worn, no? Am I missing something?

    Physical altercation doesn’t need to pop off, just give that asshole that stepped on your shoes on purpose a verbal lashing if you feel compelled. But what do I know?

  • omar najeeb

    Whether they’re Payless shoes or balenciagas, you’re nothin but a sissy if you don’t physically confront a muthaphuka that just confronted you by purposely stepping on your foot….matter the shoe. Jokers aren’t mad bcus of the shoe. A joker put his hands on you…only instead of actually using his hands, he uses his foot…on purpose. Nah…that’s not ridin’ with me.