Steve Jobs Wants Nike to Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff

Steve Jobs Wants Nike to Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff


Check out this video as Robert Safian, Editor of Fast Company speaks with Mark Parker, President & CEO of Nike about some advice Steve Jobs gave Mark. Thanks to the title, you already know what advice Steve Jobs gave Mark Parker, but watch the video as Mark tells the story. Of course everyone agrees that all brands should get rid of the “crappy stuff”, but can you think of any crappy stuff you want Nike to get rid of? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

  • PhilWil

    Hmmmmm…. I say Nike coukd do better with quality and maybe get some more stuff in a lower price range, but other than that I have no issues.

    As for fusions, I think fusions are not a bad idea and half of them are pretty cool (so are the hybrids) so I don’t see the fusions as a cause for beating up Nike or Brand Jordan

  • equisxx23

    im with everyone on this one biggest thing are fusions and not just JBxAF1 lets not forget the pippen fusions and a few other nike creations…

  • sully420

    FUSIONS/all the other Jordan CRAP!!!! (like everyone else has already stated.)

    And even more importantly……….HOH/Mercer exclusives and releases.
    Everyone deserves a chance at pearl foams and parra am1s not just New Yorkers.

  • Air Germ

    Hoh only releases, friend n family releases, fusions.

  • El Chupa Negro

    Nike needs to bring back regional and store exclusives. Nothing is better than making sneakers that are only available to certain regions . It helps build up the sneaker scene in areas and makes people want to search beyond the internet for sneakers.

  • kidkid

    fusions are going anywhere as long as they keep selling.

  • sneak-vandal

    Get rid of the Crappy Prices!!! $200 for Foams?? gtfoh!!

  • sneak-vandal

    i mean i got the eggplants but….uhhh…F that! I’m not doin it again….I hope 😉

  • uhh

    all dunk sbs should stay.. just bring the fat tongues back. the wack ass technical skate shoes should just leave. those are ugly and noone is gonna buy em. The af1s fusions are buttt ugly!! and nike boots…dont get me started