Steve Jobs Wants Nike to Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff

Check out this video as Robert Safian, Editor of Fast Company speaks with Mark Parker, President & CEO of Nike about some advice Steve Jobs gave Mark. Thanks to the title, you already know what advice Steve Jobs gave Mark Parker, but watch the video as Mark tells the story. Of course everyone agrees that all brands should get rid of the “crappy stuff”, but can you think of any crappy stuff you want Nike to get rid of? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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  • It’s kinda hard to ignore Steve Jobs advice. lol

  • FoamdUp


  • L.

    Great Advice!


    Have Jordan not be a stand alone brand anymore. Have Nike take control of it and return it to its former status of quality before quanity.


    End the Jordan Brand as a stand alone brand. Have Nike take control of it again and return it to its former quality before quantity.

  • RyanVegas

    The cardboard in the soles of some shoes!!!!!

  • do me


  • sneakerfein22

    Nike x Jordan Brand = FUSIONS!!! they suck on soooo many levels!!

  • TorontoComeUp

    RANDOM FACT. Steve jobs only gets paid a dollar a year so that he does not have to pay taxes.

    but anyways, Nike prices have only gone up while quality has gone down. thats so disrespectful. Nike should go one whole year making new products. and no retros



  • solefix

    TCU dont you ever say that again!!! LMAO but steve jobs basically told him wat most of us have been saying for these past few years now, i just want they quality back is all…Profit and money will never go away for nike so why cant we get the quality materials back!

  • DC Dunking

    IN reference to the ‘get rid of the crappy stuff’ — does that relate to JB? The recent video of JB @ Wish where the rep says that basically downgrade quality of retroes to “protect your investments.” I think is a load of crap.
    I have been a nike fan since i can remember – but I’ve also been a fan of engineering and design since birth. I have a huge assortment of footwear from brands like Ecko to Ecco, Nike to New Balance, Cole Haans to Keds and Rockports to Reebok. BUt what I’ve noticed is that My generations (early 80s babies) have grown up appreciating the aesthetic over the functionality of shoes. We like how something looks waaaay more that how something feels. Theres nothing wrong with that HOWEVER, thats exactly how we are getting treated when it comes to the shoes we love soo much.
    The JB retros (12s especially) are a complete joke IMO. I bought the OGs in 9th grade, the retros in ’01 and then last years and the quality is just plain disrespectful. My Flu games are already showing sign of wear and they’ve been rocked less than 10 x AND i got them in Oct.!
    Alls I’m saying is If they eliminate the crappy stuff – that should include the crappy materials and ideas also. No more cheap air bubbles, cheap leathers and poor construction on any product over $150.

    PS the 2s I just bought have barely no cushion around the collar – just sad

  • Give the customers their money worth and stop making cheap materials because we do spend a lot of money of these kicks… Get rid of the Friend and Family crap nonsense because it’s we “the real customers” not friends or Family who make your company successful, so pls pls pls stop making friend and family crap because it’s a slap to everyone who have spend in total millions and billions of dollar to your freaking company… NIKE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN AND STOP TREATING US LIKE EVERYONE IS STUPID. That’s all i got it say for now …..

  • Tarique SB

    They should get rid of some of those ugly Nike SBs.. All them aint hot!

  • UNO

    Nike ACG’s.

  • John B

    agreed. fusions and the bad quality they’ve been having on shoes the past couple years. @fistonclothing, i couldn’t agree more, we spend our hard earned money month in and month out and cant get decent quality half the time. then all the friends and family deals, that have good quality, we cant get because we are just “average joes”. they need to quit trippin

  • stacks

    wack ass team jordans and fusions. aka always clearance. also that faded black apparrel

  • Ben

    “but can you think of any crappy stuff you want Nike to get rid of?” lol i can come up with a list if you really want me to


  • I Got Shoes

    Get rid of JB as a company like I’ve been saying and bring it back under Nike. No more JB creations because they have proved that they have no creativity. Just release high quality retro’s because that is all we need from Jordan.

  • WOW

    AF1 Fusions. Overpriced sneakers with cheap material.

  • Its like they know we going to buy it anyway,so its a lose lose situation.@DCDUNKING i couldnt agree with you much more,this clown at jb said they downgrade the retroes to protect peoples investment,that has got to be the most bullshit ive heard excuse my language people,but what about the people that spend quality money,wait let me guess just be happy they going to retroe the shoe right?naw,I swear im only hunting a few more jordans i need on the wish list and im done with JB fo real its not worth my quality hard earned money

  • K-I-double-D

    I cosign with I Got Shoes…

  • IM gon get a t-shirt that says JB is dead.

  • Chevyboy

    Nike—get rid of the crappy air bubbles in all of the Air Max’s, and bring back the REAL air cushioning in the forefoot of all the running shoes…

  • pinoy sneakfreak


  • Dee

    Get rid of that crappy midsole pain that chips off after 4 wears

  • john45/23

    Fusions, super bright colors, and low quality sneakers!

  • FUSIONS! and the quality NIKE used to have is long gone…Even the damn Air bubbles have gotten smaller

  • HR

    Better quality on every shoe. what happen to the good ol leather on shoes???? I dont want my shoes to wear of before a 5 month period.

  • HR

    Get rid of suede and bring back leather materials…. What made yall get rid of leather??? And make sure that ALL of your products, especial Jordans, has better quality than quantity.


    Mark Parker dont give a shit about the Quality, its all about how much profit can be made,its the same with all these other fortune 500 companies.

  • 23edge

    Stop focusing on retros; lol (yes I’m aware how ironic that sounds). Growing up I viewed Nike as the industry leader in creating new and exciting sneakers that were advanced and would change the market forever. The problem has been that they got too good at it, that their competitors gave up and Nike got lazy. I would love them to focus only on new sneaker technology that will blow our minds, just like they did in the late 80’s and mid 90’s.

  • Nike should get rid of Jordan Brand as its own division as someone already said. They’re just hardly trying anymore. It seems as if they used their final ounce of creativity on the Jordan 2010….to put a window in it. Nike really needs to send some wheel barrows of cash to their research, and development department. Flywire isn’t the answer to the problems with Nike. New products is. Develop some new products, Nike. No more flywire!

  • MisterMcfly23

    not thats its crappy, but i think the over-use of patent leather on kix has gotta come to an end. it was cool for the first couple of years, but now its getting BEYOND played out, imo…and for the love of JEEBUS, will somebody PLEASE fire Gentry Humphrey, ever since he came to JB, its been a quick trip downhill…

  • MisterMcfly23

    and P.S. and while youre at it, bring back the Nike Air Veer & those Barry Sanders joints…


    Yeah killing JB as its own brand would be best. While Nike is still making great shoes for their big stars (Zoom Kobe Air Max Lebron) JB is stale and out of ideas. But sadly Jordan brand is still turning a big profit so it wont happen. It will only happen when they start losing money.

  • Steven Jackson

    Get rid of wack fusions. Bring back what the sneakerhead fall in love with..



  • vee

    Nike has always had the worst running shoe, they focus too much on appearance and not performace…… adidas, new balance, and asics got it right. Then again Nike running shoes are more for show, no one actually runs in a pair of airmax

  • T-LoC

    Mid-cut Sb’s and Air Force 1’s. They’re ALL HIDEOUS!!!!

  • Get rid if these: (my hit list)!!!
    carnivore(ugly as hell)
    wack sb realeses (all new unstuffed sbs)
    wack team Jordans
    new Jordan realeses(accolades wtf!!!!)
    crazy blazer and dunk color ways theres to many!!!!!!!

    Nike should:
    using better material
    stop over priceing kicks( i personally dont have a problem with shedding dough on my new j’s but with the quality there made i often feel buyer remorse :()
    evolve the company with new boxes and kicks the only evolution they made were the hyperdunks and the 2010 jordans which are ugly as hell.

    In all Nike should start taking better care of the company cuase there becoming real predictable.

  • 1. Get rid of JB as its own division. Then we can get Nike Air back on the J’s. They would probably still keep it off though.

    2. Quality materials

    3. Dont stop doing retroes. They are classics and define the company. That would be like if McDonald’s stopped making the Big Mac.

  • 4. Oh yeah, you thought i forgot?! FUSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erick10

    I can tell Steve Jobs to cut the crappy stuff also like

    “Ipad, Iphone”

  • Joeslow

    Fusions, bright colors, everything sb after 2006, small air bubbles, plastic leather, fusions, chipping paint, any type of fusion shoe, post 2006 sb’s, bright colorways and there is so much more.

  • Joeslow

    Oh and shoes with gimmicks. Just don’t do it.

  • Ok…I doubt anyone’s gonna believe me on this one but Mark Parker (CEO of Nike) had a small Private Party at our Restaraunt this past Saturday. I manage a Restaraunt/function hall/condos in Falmouth Heights, Cape Cod. His parents have a house out here and he came with his family to visit as his father is right about to pass away, very sick. He had a dinner party with like 15 family memebers. His kid was rockin homeguns, the entire family was head-to-toe Nike. He had a Watch on that (I could swear was made by NIKE) would put any Rolex to shame—thing was beautiful. He had an IPAD (or what looked like an IPad) that was made by Nike or had Nike cover on it and he didn’t stop playin w/ the thing. My girlfriend waited on him all night. Said he was a nice guy and he tipped them pretty well. Pretty crazy to have him in there being a sneaker head. When I was told the CEO of Nike was coming in I was like “You mean the regional manager or vice assistant ceo’s secretary? or New England Head of sales? or something?” And my manager was like “NO, THE CEO” and I didnt know who he was…had no idea who the nike ceo was so when I saw him and his fam I believed he was DEFINITELY High-up in Nike Corporate but still wasn’t sure if he was the CEO…but sure enough I got home and looked it up and couldn’t believe it. It was pretty cool. Didn’t say two words to him though, lol. 🙂 Believe me if you want, but I swear on everything I love.

  • brooklynsflyboy

    Fusions and nike air sharkleys smfh

  • BilboBaggins

    They need to get rid of the spacejams and infareds

  • Hmmmmm…. I say Nike coukd do better with quality and maybe get some more stuff in a lower price range, but other than that I have no issues.

    As for fusions, I think fusions are not a bad idea and half of them are pretty cool (so are the hybrids) so I don’t see the fusions as a cause for beating up Nike or Brand Jordan

  • equisxx23

    im with everyone on this one biggest thing are fusions and not just JBxAF1 lets not forget the pippen fusions and a few other nike creations…

  • sully420

    FUSIONS/all the other Jordan CRAP!!!! (like everyone else has already stated.)

    And even more importantly……….HOH/Mercer exclusives and releases.
    Everyone deserves a chance at pearl foams and parra am1s not just New Yorkers.

  • Air Germ

    Hoh only releases, friend n family releases, fusions.

  • Nike needs to bring back regional and store exclusives. Nothing is better than making sneakers that are only available to certain regions . It helps build up the sneaker scene in areas and makes people want to search beyond the internet for sneakers.

  • kidkid

    fusions are going anywhere as long as they keep selling.

  • sneak-vandal

    Get rid of the Crappy Prices!!! $200 for Foams?? gtfoh!!

  • sneak-vandal

    i mean i got the eggplants but….uhhh…F that! I’m not doin it again….I hope 😉

  • uhh

    all dunk sbs should stay.. just bring the fat tongues back. the wack ass technical skate shoes should just leave. those are ugly and noone is gonna buy em. The af1s fusions are buttt ugly!! and nike boots…dont get me started