Stop The Madness: Sneaker Brands Depending On Celebrities To Sell Product

tsg-web-stop-the-madnessTimes have definitely changed.

Here at TSG we created the “Stop The Madness” series to touch on concerning topics that we all think about in the back of our mind, but just waiting for someone to speak up. This addition of STM we decided to speak about sneaker brands getting flat out lazy and depending on celebrities to sell product. We’re not even talking about athletes, we’re talking about every other type of celebrity who is convinced they are a “sneaker head” because a brand sends them a box of the latest releases.

Are non-athlete celebrities more influential than athletes today?

Let’s keep it 100 right now, are you running outside yelling “Reeboks on I just DO IT!!!”?? The fact that Rick Ross wrote that lyric and didn’t realize he used a Nike phrase to rep Reebok is a red flag. As members of the sneaker community, brands have to realize we get way more excited to see Chris Paul show off his Jordan closet, than Hulk Hogan showing off his new wrinkles and new Jordans. We get it – celebs have a large fan base, but the same way brands wouldn’t give B-list athletes their own sneaker, why would you give a celeb who have zero fashion impact a major co-sign, his own shoe, and billboards?

This is exactly how everyone felt during each moment:


Let’s even discuss this one step further, brands signing a non-athlete celebrity with as much fashion style and creativity as a poodle to create their own shoe! Who’s smart idea was it to point non-athletes as faces of sneaker brands before athletes? Let’s compare some celebrity sneakers to some athletes. Check out the comparison between the some celebrity sneakers vs athlete sneakers:



Athlete: Sneaker-Athlete-Stop-MadnessGet the drift? Remember when athletes became rappers (Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson)? Now the tables have turned musicians want to create their own shoes and the end result is just as ugly as a Master P sneaker – thank you Lloyd Banks for pointing this out many, many years ago. Before you get your leather pants in a bunch, yes Walt Kanye Jobs is the exception!

We are by no means trying to marginalize non-athletes from working with sneaker brands, but we are saying to the brands please glorify the designers – Tinker Hatfield, Eric Avar, Jonathan Morris, Leo Chang, Marc Dolce and so forth! These guys are the real non-athlete celebrities we should be creating campagains behind for sneakers for if not finding the next greatest athlete for a co-sign. Athletes have longevity, you can’t retro a T-Raww in 10 years.

Please don’t take the lazy route and ask guys like Drake to continue the legacy of a legend who did many great things on the court in sneakers. Stop the madness!

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  • 23edge

    I’m too old to care about the shoe game. I’m mean I’m old enough to have gone through OG releases, then quality retros, and now garbage retros. So a lot of my collection consists of OG and Quality retros… and I’m fine with that. I guess you can say I’ve moved on. Not just shoes, but music, movies and fashion. Other than TV, I prefer sticking to 80’s and 90’s culture than what is presently being offered. So I’m fine with whatever direction the shoe game goes because I don’t care anymore.

  • Freezy

    ^ if you dont care about the shoe game right now… why are you on we dont care about your collection lol

  • 23edge

    @Freezy, I still love sneakers… I just don’t care about the direction it’s going. So I use because I want to be up to date with the latest sneakers.
    As far as you not caring about my collection… I’ll stick with my collection… and you keep buying the current stuff

  • aSh

    @23edge been on TSG as long as I have… (we are getting old bro) and I agree with you dude.. I just don’t give a shit anymore.. I’ve gone back to runners anyways they are just better in all aspects (quality,comfort,look) not to mention the collab game is at an all time high with great shoes dropping left and right (RF, Concept, Packer) sooooooo Nike/JB can continue doing what they do to BBall kicks I no longer buy them anyways… Have fun kids!!!!

  • MJ Green

    LOL @ “Walt Kanye Jobs” pretty much the only way i will refer to Walt Kanye Jobs from now on!!!

    I would much rather see Adidas or Nike give this love back to US the Community there are so many great artist with in this Sneaker Culture that would design great kicks. If the Sick kids can design shoes why not Nike talk memeber or TSG memebers. Might be a great way for Adidas to steal some of that Nike brand Loyality.

    As always GRoc u the man

  • omar najeeb

    @ aSH & 23edge. Right on!!! (Clinched fist in the air..)
    I won’t stunt too much….i’ont have too many og releases. Just a lotta retros. But my joint IS mostly late 80s/90s stuff save a couple-few brons n kobes. Same deal far as music, fashion, etc.
    And 23edge, way to be better about that troll $#!+ shot at U. That’s for freak aggins. Salute.

  • Lem

    It all boils down to money. Whoever is getting the most attention is who many of these companies send new shoes to. Let’s be honest, you will see Drake or Rick Ross (if you listen to the crap they put out)more than you would see Chris Paul or Durant in a given year. Primarily because basketball season only last for a few months and these so-called entertainers are on t.v. and radio 24-7.

    It’s money plain and simple. Athletes should push shoes and not rappers but that’s just my old school opinion.

  • Tyriq

    I’m not a huge fan of celebrities trying to be the new athletes. At least make fashion sneakers instead of basketball sneakers. And just think for a minute: All celebrity kicks only sell out because they’re limited. You don’t see T-Rawws flying off any shelves like the yeezys. let a rapper make a shoe for general release and watch it sit on the shelves for a year.

  • ^^ 100% facts Tyriq. I understand social relevance is important but it doesn’t equal $$$. Celebs are great to use as a supplemental marketing strategy to sell MORE sneakers, but never the main focus of a campaign in my opinion. Thats how the system was built.

  • L.B

    @rayP i think your right… but then again your wrong because who REALLy buys shoes to wear on the court or on the field? the majority of us wear sneakers because they are comfortable and they look cool not because Lebron scored 40 points in that particular shoe. so why not let a celbrity endorse a shoe when that celebrity will get just as much exposure (if not more), has the same impact on the culture (im not talking about B-List celebrities im talking about the Kanyes and Asap Rockies people with actual fashion sense)and is seen ten times more do to paparazzi. This is 2013 and times are changing my brotha people are not interested in what athletes wear any more because most of them dress terribly and the ones who are “FASHION FORWARD” look rediculous. dont hate on it just try to help drive it in the proper direction because ill be damned if tyga and wayne ever see another sneaker with their name attatched to it lol (btw Kobe’s and KD’s were hideous a few years back so dont knock the celebrities with ugly first rounders)

  • Word up freezy.