Studded Kicks by Christian Louboutin

Studded Kicks by Christian Louboutin

Looking for the perfect shoe to uphold your supreme level of style? Well, you won’t need a stud finder to know that these new kicks from Chrisitan Louboutin will keep your game all around “on point” in the most literal sense.

The French designer is known for his eccentric style and sometimes puzzling designs but with this needlike model, he really got his point across with these sharp tipped Louis. Coming in two colorways for Spring/Summer 2010 in both white and black leather with horned tipped studs surrounding the upper, the real stickler here is the $1200 pricetag. OUCH!

You can enjoy a closer look without potentially putting your eye out with more detailed pics after the jump! Via HighSnobiety

Christian Louboutin Studded Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Studded Sneakers

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  • Blue cheese

    No Disrespect and No Malice, but get da ____ outta here with these! $1200 for what…like really…for what?!?!?!?!

  • ^Good question. Maybe it’s the name you’re paying for? Still not worth $1200.


    they look like Chucks with studs on em. if i want style i’ll take a trip 2 Neiman Marcus and buy 3 pr of Pradas for dat price

  • Kill Yo Self!!

  • Tony TeXXX

    i would pay the price tag just to kick the shyt out of a hater…lol

  • Killa

    I’m copping for sure. Sucks for poor dudes. Lol keep hating while I keep getting wat I want.