Supra Black & White Pack

If Michael Jackson was still alive, he would be proud of Supra. A Black & White pack? Yes, MJ you can rejoice. Your song was not made in vain. As for the pack, the featured sneakers includes the Cuttler, Assault, and Skytop II. Supra fans feel free to make some noise in the comments section. This pack will be available early January.

Images: Sneaker Freaker

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  • W.Baby!!

    i was a fan of supra until everyodys mom started wearing the.. the all blue tiger ones are ill!! still have a clean pair. but lately supra has been disappointing and cant hold my attention.. these make for Fantastic pictures but cant imagine on my feet. im sorry Michael but when it comes to these.. i prefer segregation!!

  • chris-rewynd

    mixed feelings man….