SUPRA Retna Society

supra retna society

SUPRA let Los Angeles graffiti artist, Retna, work on a pair of the Society sneaker.

The Society takes a black based upper, making use of Retna’s print flow across the whole sneaker in white. Blue and red is used on the detailing paired with a special hang tag. Here’s what SUPRA had to say about the Retna:

Retna’s work can be seen on the streets of Los Angeles where he grew up, but he emerged from the LA MOCA “Art In The Streets” show with “real” art world recognition. MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch said in Juxtapose, “All the best art is past, present, and future combined, and this is what Retna is doing.” The Michael Kohn Gallery, where Retna’s work was recently shown, described him as, “Simultaneously conceptual, literal, and abstract … Retna’s work contains imagery and histories that are vast and diverse. The symbols and pictographs of his signature script are inlaid with his multicultural background of El Salvadorian, Cherokee, Spaniard, Pipil, and African-American lineage.”

Only 413 pairs are being produced and each pair is set to release Saturday, February 9, 2013, at Factory 413, SUPRA Paris, SUPRA NYC and factory413’s online store.

supra retna society supra retna society supra retna society supra retna society

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  • JB

    Supras are lame

  • Dodger

    Those are dope! Thats lame that only 413 are being released though

  • Mars Blackmon

    Will there even be 413 people who want to buy this trash?

  • Prestige

    Fresh colorway

  • Mamba

    Say no to Supras

  • Sole-glow

    It’s a good colorway and nice art design. Just can’t get down much on the Supra craze.