Supra Skytop – Magenta Tiger

Supra Skytop - Magenta Tiger

Supra will introduce the Skytop II this Fall, but that doesn’t mean the first Skytop won’t get any shine this year. Here’s a look at the Magenta Tiger Skytops which feature a magenta and black colorway. The Magenta Tiger Skytop will be available at Supra dealers soon. Check with your local Supra accounts for more info. via LimitedEtd

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Supra Skytop - Magenta Tiger

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  • No comment.

  • The remind me of spandex, cut off shirts, feather earrings, and rubber bracelets…needless to say they won’t see my feet.

  • “They” (I hate typos)

  • AsH

    (((Blaaaaaaghhhh))) I just threw up.. wait… wait hold up… blaaaaggghh!!!!!

  • CenValCali

    ^ nikeindabutt ain’t lyin. Them meathead body builders in Venice Beach could pull these tiger stripes off w/some parachute pants, tank tops, mirror Oakleys, & a Mullet….Surfs up dude!

  • These are ill to me!

    Check out my eBay kicks seller name sneakerfreaker06

  • Sneakerfreak101

    they not bad but i wont be rockin em

  • tilla j

    oh my god.. these wouldn’t even look good on girls

    Supra let’s hope your Skytop II will make up for this garbage.

  • these absolutely suck badly(on purpose)
    i loved skytops when they first dropped, but now going to a school full of “supra heads” i’m starting to hate supra all together, hopefully the skytop jr’s will save it (for me)

  • mac

    ewwwwwww these are nasty y did they had 2 mess that up dey shuldv left it with blue that was hot this this looks like 1 of does fake supras not a good luk

  • madne$$

    idk bout these ha these are just ugly man, agreed with Colin, supra is ending up on the feet of the wrong people, they’ve started to lose their charm.

  • c brown

    Yea Nikeindabutt is right…these look some straight guido joints…I’m a BIG supra head..been like this wayyyyyy before it was fresh to be one….these are really pushing it…I think that Supra might be running outta ideas…These look like someones nightmare…

  • Quail


    these are my least favorite shoes ever

    I’d wear high heels before I wore these hahahah




  • DB_CB

    Screw you guys….Im so getting these. Thet’re crazy different which makes them crazy good.