Supra Skytop “Pink Party”

Supra joins forces with Elyse Walker for her annual Pink Party.

Supra and 413 collaborated with Elyse Walker on a limited Skytop colorway that will debut at the boutique retailer’s annual Pink Party this Saturday. The shoe – which has been limited to 30 units and is available exclusively through Elyse Walker – is Supra’s contribution to the yearly event that benefits the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Research Institute.

More information on the 2010 Pink Party can be found at Elyse Walker.

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  • LG

    Supra is the wackest brand out..IMO

  • trash

  • 26

    Not a fan of Supras, but these are fresh.

  • erick10

    I still dont understand how the noobs at Complex made the Supras Skytops the sneaker of the year. BAD TASTE PARIENTE

  • aSh

    Grey n pink always look good to me!!! An supras are not that bad y’all would u rather were greedy genious or bape sneakers???? How bout some yumms hmmmm? That’s what I thought…

  • Heres what I just dont understand…Why does Supra keep pushing the Skytop when there is a Skytop 2 that is CLEARLY not doing WELL at RETAIL….Continuing to push out Skytops..when there is Skytop 2 out there is like your favorite artist still putting out Music on tape…I mean yea..there a couple dudes still pumping them but CD’s and MP3’s completely took over that medium…Skytop 2 was SUPPOSED to be the evolution of the Skytop, not the continuation of the series like Jordans….Im praying to god that Angel and his crew dont invision themselves in the same light as Jordan signiture numbers…cause that would be embarasing for them…

  • C.Kicks316

    Man these are nice. Skytops have had some nice colorways over the years. Would cope if they weren’t limited to 30 :/

  • Taylor

    Yall Lame .. Like SUPRA’S are the best shoes out ! Just saying . These Things Are FLY (:

  • Taylor

    && C Brown, CLEARLY Doesnt Have Swagg ‘ Ohhh (: