Supra The Trill All-Star Pack

Supra-Trill-All-Star-PackSupra has linked up with Trill OG Bun B and H-Town Sneaker Summit to create a pack to commemorate both the All-Star game and H-Town Sneaker Summit; which both events takes place on the same weekend in Houston. There are two models in the pack including the SW1 and TK Stacks. The Stevie Williams SW1 model will represent the East and the Terry Kennedy model will rep the West. The Supra “The Trill All-Star Pack” will be available on February 17th at the winter 2013 H-Town Sneaker Summit.

Supra The Trill-Star Pack will be released at the H-Town Sneaker Summit, Sunday, February 17, from 3-7pm. The Trill-Star pack will also be available in limited quantities at the following locations:

Austin: Nice Kicks

Chicago: Uprise

Los Angeles: Factory 413


Seattle: Alive And Well

Bun B, how did you get involved with the H-Town Sneaker Summit?

Bun B: I came in a couple years after the inception. My involvement has been purely as a supporter of this movement of guys who like sneakers, girls who like sneakers, kids who like sneakers, and families who like sneakers. And it’s in a comfortable and safe environment for like-minded people to come together and talk about, and show, and look at the things that they love, you know, which are shoes—some classics, some new—it’s an incredible place to meet new people and I’ve always enjoyed the experience from when it was a small get together of maybe 20 to 30 people when I first came, to now it’s over 3,000 people came through last summer.

Bryan, what was the inspiration for putting together the H-Town Sneaker Summit?

Bryan Angelle: I think the passion for sneakers was always there and it was just talked about among like-minded people that shared the same passion for it. What kicked off our event was probably the internet forums bringing people together from Houston who wanted to meet up and show what they got. So I organized the first one and it was held at an internet café with about two dozen people. Only a few people brought something to show, everybody else pretty much just wore the best that was in their closet at the time. Since I was one of the older guys there, I just kind of took the bull by the horn and make sure that we meet up again every summer, and every winter, and every one has doubled in size.

What kind of people are attending?

I never wanted it to be a sneaker-head only type of event. There’s a lot of different people that have a passion for sneakers that come from very different avenues. Whether those avenues are being a sneaker head, or a fashionista, or a basketball player, or a skateboarder, artist, designer—we try to represent all aspects of that culture and celebrate that at the event. Personally, I found my love of sneakers through skateboarding. Growing up I always had two pairs of shoes: one to skate in and beat the hell out of, and then another pair that were chill shoes. Kind of like what you guys do there at SUPRA: something like the Hammer is the skate shoe, and something like the Owen is the chill shoe.

Talk a little bit about this Trill-Star pack collab you did with us.

I wanted it to be something that aficionados would want because of the colors, because of the premium materials, because of the design, the exclusivity, but you know I told Josh [Brubaker, SUPRA director of footwear design] and Matt [Fontana, SUPRA VP] that it was important to me that the shoes are skateable—because that’s what it is, it’s a skate shoe. I wanted a skateboarder to be able to pick it up and say, I can skate these.

Bun what’s your take on the collab? You’re friends with Steve and Terry, right?

Yeah, absolutely. I’ve known both cats for a number years now, and I also have a good relationship with Matt at SUPRA. He and I have been talking about coming together and doing something, but timing was always an issue. It takes time to come up with a design, and produce the design, and then sample it—we never really had the timing down for what we were trying to do. But luckily this one we got on it early enough to make it happen in time for exactly when we wanted the shoes to be released. Everybody came together, they brought everything they had to the table, and, at the end of the day, I think everybody is happy with the outcome.

Can we kick up a little rivalry: do you like one shoe better than the other?

Oh that’s crazy. Normally I’m a low guy, I’m not that into high top shoes just because of my height—I’m a shorter guy—but both of these shoes have elements that I’m kind of crazy about. But whether I wear the low court or the high? You’re just going to have to wait and see.

Originally when we talked about the project Matt brought out the S1W and the Society, which is the TK high, right?

To say the least.

I said, no, we gotta do the Stacks. That’s what the Summit is: it’s about trying to offer something for everybody. So I wanted to have a high top and a low top. And then, since we were releasing it All-Star weekend, it was Bun’s idea to have the East vs. the West—and Stevie kind of paved the way for skaters on the east coast, and Terry kind of paved the way for skaters on the west coast, so you kind of have that East vs. West pack. For me, growing up skateboarding, the high top skate shoes represented the east coast, while the low top represented the west coast. And then we pay homage to Bun on the tongues of each shoe: they say “Trill Kennedy” and “Stevie Trilliams.” That was Bun’s idea as well.

Bun B, you’ve done some other collabs in skateboarding with Diamond and DGK, among others, and, from your perspective, why do you think there’s been so much crossover between hip hop and skateboarding lately?

I think the cultures both have a lot in common. They’re not necessarily directly related, but there’s always been a few skateboarders here and there in hip hop, like the Beastie Boys. And while the average hip hopper and the average skateboarder don’t necessarily look alike, on a deeper level they represent that anti establishment, anti authority mentality. Both of those worlds really carry that theme. If you think of “Fuck Da Police,” you know that’s pretty much the mantra/mind set of a skateboarder as well as a hip hopper. So it was just a matter of time before we started seeing more and more and people like Yelawolf and guys like Odd Future—it’s just something that’s a natural progression in society. As we become a society where information about individuals is more easily shared, we learn more from people and we realize that the world is much smaller than we’ve been led to believe and that most of us are kind of on the same wavelength. It’s media and television and everything around us that told us different, but once we get to communicate with each other, we realize we have a lot more in common.

I’d like to add that I think it’s just mutual respect for each other’s craft. For decades now you’ve seen—I don’t want to say rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers—but you definitely see that mutual respect there and the crossover and influence of each other’s craft and profession.

What are you looking forward to at the Summit?

I’m looking forward to meeting Stevie and seeing what he thinks of the shoe designs we came up with for them. You know the Summit is a time to reconnect with friends, so I’m looking forward to seeing Matt and Josh to just celebrate the whole process of the concept and the design coming to fruition. I look at Josh as being one of the top sneaker designers in the game. I even think he’s on the level of Tinker Hatfield, the guy that created all the Michael Jordan shoes, because Josh went out there and created a niche for himself and the brand SUPRA. Just the Skytop alone, I mean that is a milestone in sneakers. Whenever you see that particular shoe, you remember a certain time in the lineage of sneaker culture and Josh made that happen. I’m excited about him being here and I’m excited about the fans of the shoes being able to meet and interact with him.

Do you guys want to make a prediction for the All-Star game?

Nah, I’m not gonna jump off there—maybe 130-120, the West. I’ll go with what Bun said.

S1W_S72035_BLU_BACK-B Supra-H-Town-Sneaker-Summit S1W_S72035_BLU_DETAILTAG1-B Supra-Stacks-All-Star Supra-The-Trill-All-Star-Pack Supra-Stacks-West-All-Star STACKS_S44092_RED_DETAILTAG1-B STACKS_S44092_RED_BACK-B STACKS_S44092_RED_INSOLE-B S1W_S72035_BLU_INSOLE-B

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