Supreme Designed A Controversial Vans Slip On


Skate culture has always been rebellious, so I wasn’t totally shocked when I saw 666 on the latest Supreme Vans collaboration.

I don’t have to spend time talking about 666 because we all know what it represents. However, 666 is most likely only offensive to people of faith and believers of God.

Nonetheless, Supreme managed to rub some people the wrong way with this Vans collection.

The collection drops today at Supreme locations and online.

How do you feel about the design? Are you offended or does it not bother you?

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • kaydot901

    Penny Hardaway No Look Pass.I’d never,not for free or paid promo.

  • Lmao!

  • elhambone

    god, the devil, blah blah blah…i dont believe in myths, so 666 does not bother me at all..just a number ..i don’t believe unicorns exist either…

  • Must cop.

  • Just curious, what do you believe as far as our existence and how we got here? If that’s too personal, forgive me. Just curious.

  • sirfresh

    Protons neutrons electrons

  • elhambone

    good question G..our existence,,hmm..i believe we are here for the same reason dogs and cats are here, i have no idea :)lol..i don’t believe we simply appeared because some dude decided “he” wanted us here, to tend ‘his garden’ or whatever..that’s a incredibly egocentric position to take. or that women are here because of a rib. all that bs was ‘created’ by men to control the masses, for power. we know that the earth has been here for billions of years, not 6000. and that the universe is even older and more vast than any human can explain. humans have only been around a few thousand years, so if there is a ‘god’, what the hell was ‘he’ waiting for in ‘creating’ us (humans)? we are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance, trying to explain how/why we exist. why? do other animals have the same questions? does the rhino ask, why am i here? probably not, then again we will never parents didn’t take me to church when i was a child, they allowed me to form my own opinions and beliefs, and i have never been convinced by the god’s as ridiculous as space aliens, in my opinion. i believe we are born and we die, those are the only two consistent things about life. how did we get ‘here’? no idea my man, but everyone has their own ‘beliefs’ and that’s cool with me, maybe we just have too much time on our hands trying to explain our position of existence..ultimately, i believe, we’ll never know. we should instead be asking, how can we make our short existence meaningful to ourselves and those we love. just my simple human mind’s view of things,,cheers G..