Supreme NBA Nike Air Force 1 Mid

Supreme NBA Nike Air Force 1 Mid…

supreme nba nike air force 1 mid

Bruh, these are so bad it took me a few days to write a post.

To be clear, I don’t have anything against Supreme. They have released some fire over the years, but everything Supreme releases is NOT a hit.

If I’m keeping it a buck, Supreme knows at this point they can put out anything and it will sell. Remember the Supreme brick? Well, I’m positive they can drop Supreme box logo toilet tissue and it will sell out.

That’s a true testament of how strong Supreme’s brand is in these streets.

Photos starting leaking a few weeks ago of a Supreme NBA collection. This “inspiration” is obvious, but it’s also a joke. Like I said on IG, this looks like something you could buy at the flea market in 2002/2003.

Because it’s the Internet, someone felt the need to educate me, “That’s the point.” Yeah, but what’s the point? I need a brand that can print money at any given time because these will sell out like everything else.

But who’s really going to wear this Supreme NBA Nike Air Force 1 Mid and take themselves seriously? WHO?

Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m getting old, but then I check myself and realize I have common sense and know when to call a spade a spade. As the Internet would say, these are trash.

But hey, do you baby blue. If you like it, I love it.

No release date yet, but it smells like the release is coming soon.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Supreme NBA Nike Air Force 1 Mid

supreme nba nike air force 1 mid

supreme nba nike air force 1 mid

supreme nba nike air force 1 mid

supreme nba nike air force 1 mid

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  • curt diggler

    TRASH just like the three six mafia skull clothes they dropped!. But ironically, the more trashy and gaudy, the higher the resale price.

    i will say that these could work by themselves, but i see their dropping the matching outfit as well which done all together is overkill. Then again thats the point i guess

  • sirfresh

    Remember the unk jeans


    I like them and I want them. Not for Supreme tho. I wish they weren’t Supreme. This brings me back to 03 when my cousin had the fitted cap. Lebron and Melo joining the league, I was 9. Reminds me of when Dipset was holding the title in Harlem. I feel like the AF1 is the only sneaker that can be customized and hold authenticity, as long as you use the real sneaker. Culture.

  • DC DunKing

    These would rock soo hard with the ole UNK NBA jackets. Supreme stole the concept, LOL

  • fook yo

    We know who’s gonna wear these …

  • sharpie