Supreme Nike Air Foamposite Release Date

Nike Supreme foamposite release date3

Sooner than you think.

How many people do you think are already camping as I type this? If this post was made tomorrow the sneaker world would think we were joking, but no this is all facts. The Supreme Nike Air Foamposites will release on April 3rd and retail for $250. Available via Supreme NY, LA, London, and online you will be able to purchase either a red pair with the distinct graphic or a black pair. For those in Japan look out for these sneakers to release April 5th.

Are you copping or nah? Comment below.
Nike Supreme foamposite release date2 Nike Supreme foamposite release date1 Nike Supreme foamposite release date

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  • sirfresh

    its over when supreme can’t do nothing with foams lol.

  • Jaykicks_23

    I still can’t believe this. aiming for the red red though. That being said hope nike releases them twitter link at a unknown time. Some people are saying 11am. IDK

  • 23edge

    I like them… reminds me of 90’s versace print… and yeah, I’m passing

  • JayOldPeach.i7

    When the email came thru @ 6:35am this morning it triggered my first LOL for the day… Thanks Supreme… good luck everyone.

  • No funny haha… My prayer is that nobody gets hurt at the release. Amen.

  • Its gonna be a crazy release day for these. People gonna be piling down there very soon

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    General release them and they’ll rot on shelves.

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    What foam ever rotted on shelves though?

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    ^ don’t play smart mouth with me boy.

  • Wardypop


  • omar najeeb

    I like the black ones. But I’m not gonna try for ’em. Be aight…

  • omar najeeb

    Lmao @ exec.. Oh yeah. Defly some joints that sat aroun, sat around. Still sittin’ too.

  • Biga173rd

    If Biggie was alive this would be his shoe!!

  • Jay

    I want to wear one black and one red lol

  • I’m gonna drive 6 hrs down I-5 to L.A. right now! lol Oh damn I forgot, I got mouths to feed….

  • Cloud

    these still haven’t released?!? They seem old to me now. I never liked foams to begin with but if I did the hype for these would have came and went by now.