Supreme Unveils Nike SB Air Force 2 Collection

Dropping this week.

Supreme is always full of surprises, and this week a new Nike SB project is releasing.

A total of four Nike SB Air Force 2 colorways were designed by Supreme. The shoes come fully equipped with Nike SB Supreme hangtags and “World Famous” branding on the heels.

The release date is September 7 at NYC, LA and Paris locations, and the Japan date is September 9.

Retail price is $98.

Supreme Nike SB Air Force 2

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  • Ron Simms


  • theloverswineverytime

    Aaww, them sons of bitches had to make this a dumb-limited release, huh. Orange is ????

  • javi

    Just get them all from your resell connect and call it a day hype

  • sirfresh

    Coming to a Ross near you. That’s if it wasn’t supreme

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Don’t play like that. The first part of that comment gave me a lil’ hope.

  • sharpie

    Retail price is $98 resale price will be $998

  • James L

    Find it very hard to believe this response would be the same if this was a regular non-collab Nike release.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Well, w/o the Sup cosign, I’d be happier about likely being able to just scoop em up whenever i was ready to from a local spot instead of requiring a passport to go get em. So yeah, you right…I’d be a diff comment up there

  • javi

    Control your thirst hype. Tee-hee Tee-hee Tee-hee