Supreme x Nike Apparel Collection To Match Foamposites

Nike Air Foamposite supreme 2014 releasedate

All opinions WELCOMED.

The only thing you would need to complete this outfit is your red Beats headphones playing Versace by Migos and Drake. I personally can’t wait for the weekend and scroll Instagram to check out the interesting outfits this release results in. Earlier today we announced the release date of the Supreme Nike Air Foamposite which is set for April 3rd, Thursday. Not only did Nike x Supreme collaborate on sneakers, but they decided to do apparel that will accompany the sneakers as well. Two jerseys with matching athletic shorts. Each set of apparel is priced at $110.

What do you think about the Supreme x Nike apparel collection? Comment below.

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  • 23edge

    I hope someone gets ‘hurt’ waiting in line to get these

  • Spacejamhunter

    i like the shoes, both colors, and i would rock them with the shorts on a hot summer day. i’m not big on the jersey at all. The whole outfit would be total graphic overload though. I’m gonna try to cop and if (and only if) i get a pair of the shoes will i think about the shorts. $110 is steep but, not the most i’ve paid for shorts.

  • ^ what’s the most you paid for shorts?

  • 23edge

    ^ what’s the most you paid for shorts?
    about to ask that as well, lol

  • Metatron

    Supreme fittin to start an intramural street ball team

  • SG

    Lol I would like to see someone wearing the jersey and shorts lmao

  • SmallzGotKickz

    LMAO at inttrmural streetball team…

    But seriously tho the enitre set at once is OD in my opinion… Different strokes for different folks i guess. Shorts are fire by themselves tho.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Lmao!! Wear that ish around me and I’m gonna roast you.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Mufuga walkin around with basketball kicks and matching jersey and shirts but wouldn’t dare step on a court with they pretty a$$!

  • ^ if i was gonna cop id wear the whole fit in LA at the park for a basketball game like we out here! D up! lol

  • Nikeinda(well u know)

    I’d like to see a full court 5-on-5 rd vs blk game featuring these uni’s #notreally

  • omar najeeb

    Muthaphukas bet’not be seen with this ‘fit & those lix together looking like they couldn’t dress otherwise.

  • omar najeeb

    “Spacejamhunter”, huh. Interesting name. Lol.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    @Ray P, lmao! Supreme’d from head to toe.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Wear the all red one in the crips part of town and be like: What up mane? What it B like cuz?

  • omar najeeb

    ^^ Lol. U wildin’, son!

  • SneakGeek

    lol exec if anyone wears this fit together needs their a** beat

  • just a person named Joe

    no fucking thanks.

  • Tr1ll

    Those shorts would make some slick @ss sleeping shorts..

  • Godivine

    Shorts + thunders for the God, I’m at 2 guard…1love

  • Spacejamhunter

    @ Ray P & 23Edge $140 for authentic NBA Shorts back several years ago. White(home) Cavaliers & Green(away) Celtics Shorts. I got the wear out of the Celtics Pair, but Never could rock White Cavs shorts a whole lot. It was back when Reebok Was outfitting the NBA.

  • Tyrese Roberts

    Tbh the shoe supreme Foamposite One look good with the outfit