SWAG16 with LeBron James

Champs Sports has introduced their latest segment called SWAG16, which is a video with celebrities picking out their favorite things in a college bracket system. First in line is NBA superstar LeBron James talking about his favorite candy, t.v show, video games, and more. Check out the full video of LeBron breaking down his favorite thing that he cannot live without.

Expect to see more videos of SWAG16 with celebrities such as Larry Fitzgerald and 2Chainz.

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  • Just Kicks

    This was dope. Learned a few new things about Bron.

  • Shane D.

    Nice to see Champs stepping up their video game.

  • Shane D.

    I guess they got tired of seeing Foot Locker out shine them even though they play for the same team. lol

  • MM

    So LeBron wants to play in the NFL? That’s what I took from this video.

  • QBlow

    Lame name, cool concept. NFL Sunday FTW!!!!!