Swizz Beatz x Reebok New Models – Preview

Are you following @TheShoeGame on Twitter? If you’re not, you should because sometimes we post info via our Twitter page days, even weeks before we publish the news on TSG. Over the weekend, we gave our Twitter followers a sneak peek at upcoming Swizz Beatz x Reebok sneakers.

Today we decided to post a few more photos of the Kamikaze promo sample and new models from the Swizz Beatz Reebok line that’s set to release in the coming months. TSG will be able to provide a closer, high res look at more Swizz Beatz Reebok sneakers soon, so stay tuned!

Give us your feedback about the new models in the comment section.

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  • Thoughts?

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    Props to Alex for the photos!

  • a) These are ugly
    b) The first release was ugly
    c) RBK version of a hip-hop collabo bite on the Yeezy’s right!?!? LoL…
    d) Sad sad sad that THIS is how Reebok is bringing back the kicks we would RATHER have them retro! SMH

    e) Some of the TSGFam are into them so cut me some slack… these are WAAAAY out of 4D’s comfort zone!

  • robbjay

    Nice designs props to Reebok!

    @GROC the new look is NICE

  • @AlSneaks

    HORRIBLE!!! I’d mess with those studded strapped ones that leaked a lil over a week ago, but these are all complete TRASH!!

  • I was going to write out a well constructed comment until I saw 4D some everything up.


    I will try to grab a few of these they look dope

  • bishopp3000

    the red ones is kinda dope. i would like to see them in person if they would do a general release. almost reminiscent of AI’s.

  • chesney

    man they are surprisingly DOPE…they remind me of the diamond turfs, i don’t think to many heads gone be on them though because they not nike’s, that and some people dont like swizz beats. lolol

  • Mr Saturday Morning

    They look dope… I can understand brand loyalty… but one has to notice the classical design applied by swiss x reebok…. the red joints are jumping out the box with shaq and ai retros…. and the grey black and red joints are to good to be true… i have no reeboks in my closet to date but these are Copped!!!!

  • Check ebay and see the hypebeast resellers who are straight stuck with these things cuz they thought these were gonna fetch extra dollars. smh

  • @R E E – LOL

  • @AlSneaks

    R E E – you sir are not lyin. there’s a couple auctions with a BIN of $1000!!!! I almost dropped to the floor laughing when I seen that.

  • @AlSneaks – Your Gravatar is killin’ me… LoL!!!

    Mr Saturday Morning – EXACTLY dude… it does have a lot of heated classics in it… but for me, don’t cram classics into some wannabe limited release hip-hop mash-up! RETRO THOSE REEBOK… SMH! I don’t want to get something that looks like something I really wanna get… I JUST WANT TO GET THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF THAT SOMETHING!



  • People are wilding these are death. That red pair is cocaine very illegal. Reminds me of reebok blast. and the top pair is a straight body. Pure homicide. Prepare your wills. Lmao. Yes these are hot except fot the studded ones.

  • IMO I think these are dope on feet. I just been tired of copping the same Nike/Jordans all the time. I think these are a breath of fresh air. Quality is pretty nice also. I’m planning to get the other colorways too no matter how many is produced.
    ” Just buy what you like “.

  • AlSneaks

    4DRUMZ – HAHA had to do it! I love that movie.

  • J O P

    I got the samples (insta-heat) and just need the teal/grey pair of the kazees then I’m good. I was the one that first reacted when the red/grey pair came out of the box but close up I shut down… And studs or whatever they’re called on the others… None of that for the kid. None.
    For those checking ebay, I have to wonder why you’re checking ebay? – LMFAO…


  • Reebook Blast X Question X ES22 fusion…not horrribllleee

  • CrazyMTF

    These are the type of shoes you buy but get over it in two months. The already selling the shoes on ebay and it haven’t even been out that long. The red ones look okay the rest don’t but I want to see them red joints on someone feet to get a bettr view.

  • atgbryan

    all of those are pretty fugly

  • Rorro

    Stop playing around… bring back the original Kamikaze 1 and the Shaqnosis…

  • Jared

    The red Kamikaze promo samples are fire. I would buy them in a heartbeat. Somebody let me know when and where I can get my hands on a pair.