Teen Arrested After Threatening Nike On Twitter

teen arrested for threatening nike over twitter-1Clown ish.

So you think you’re cool on Twitter because you get a bunch of retweets and followers, right? Wrong you clown! The days of ‘Street Smarts’ is over because the Internet exists. You smart dumb cats are typing before you think. What is the worst thing you could do when threatening someone? Leaving a note under their door with your name and address attached to the threat, right? Well that is exactly what this teenager did when Nike left him upset that he couldn’t spend his Mom’s hard earned money on a restock. Don’t get caught sleeping like this guy, everything on the Internet is a digital paper trail that leads to your front door. I hope he understands when you’re in jail you don’t have to worry about your sneakers getting scuffed, more like… nevermind. Read the full scoop below.

ABC 5 News in Cleveland reports:

The Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office says the Lakeside High School student sent a tweet earlier this week warning, “I’m shooting y’all store up tomorrow @ 2:30 @nikecorp.”

The (Ashtabula) Star-Beacon reports that the security division for the athletic goods company called the sheriff’s office to report the threat, saying it was being taken seriously. Local stores were put on alert.

The student — who is facing a felony charge of inducing panic — told investigators the tweet was meant to be a joke and he would never hurt anyone. The report said he was upset with Nike because he did not hear about a restock.

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  • Jay_

    SMFH.. Children these days. As my old math teacher would tell me “I’m afraid of my future because of these dumb kids! It ain’t how it use to be.”

  • omar najeeb

    WHAT. A. D ICKHEAD. Lol.
    St8 up & down.

  • The Hypemachine


    Hope Nike call the cops on Omar next.

  • 23edge

    whacha in for kid?
    For threatening Nike with death threats on Twitter

  • Executive aka The Wrong One


  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    I bet a few years ago he didn’t give a f uck about kicks!! It’s always these lame followers who go the hardest and do the dumbest ish over kicks.

  • BJ24

    Kids will always do stupid things, it just a lot easier to get caught becasue of the digital age. They dont have any street smarts to translate to internet because they are on that computer all day.

  • well he learned that lesson…..I wonder if he will still buy shoes from nike after this….any thoughts lol.

  • ^^ i wouldnt they snitched on me lmaooo

  • Biga173rd

    Wow what the hell was this kid thinking? You can’t make threats like that to a company and expect for them to ignore it. That’s like sending threats to the Government or who ever. SMH

  • JsauceOahu

    And that’s why you use sock servers…or Tor browser

  • omar najeeb

    @ Biga173rd….WORD!!

  • yeah right

    Wasted money spent fighting this in court. If he has a good lawyer should get off with a slap on the wrist and community service still a high school kid.

  • Young boy stupid

  • erosion

    internets gangstas LOL

  • Pat Mcfeely

    Lmao, I see this every Saturday on Twitter. Hypebeasts can’t cop so curse/threaten Nike/Foot Locker/etc. I doubt he learned his lesson and he’ll still cop J’s. Dumb little kid.

  • @lickmysneakers – good question cuddy! He’ll be back like a crack addict. These youngin’s needa wise up….

  • Chefjay

    I bet it was a hypebeast whiteboy that just started wearing jays in 2012. I swear these new niccas are just fucking shit up. thats why I only wear kd’s, new balance, Adidas,Puma

  • raz Rachamim

    lmaooooooo…nigga said “im shooting your store up tomorrow” thats hilarious.
    I nike has to take precaution, but im sure shorty wasn’t serious.

  • omar najeeb

    @ yeah right….YEAH RIGHT. Lol. I think that little muthaphuka oughta get the $#!+ scare’t the phuk out of him. Put his @$$ in jail a couple days to help make him understand that terroristic joke or no joke will be tolerated.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ Late as hell correctin’ this. But uh…will *not* be tolerated.
    As u were.

  • alonge johnson

    Dumb f@#! Shouldve used a proxy server!!!!

  • alonge johnson

    Where the f@+# is Ashtabula? Sounds like some infection sh@# u get in ur a@#hole!!!