How To Tell If Your Off White Air Jordan 1s Are Fake


Arguably one of the most wanted shoes of 2017 is the Off White Air Jordan 1. As I mentioned before, Footwear News awarded Virgil’s Jordan 1 “Shoe of the Year.”

That said, when the demand is high for a shoe, you can always expect the counterfeit market to create a fake version. Since this Air Jordan 1 one is so highly sought after, allow this guide to help you if you plan on coppin a pair or if you have already copped, especially if you didn’t purchase from an authorized Nike account or reputable consignment shop.

There are plenty of side-by-side comparison photos below provided by Fake Education to help you see the differences between the authentic Off White Jordan 1 and the knockoffs. Please keep in mind there are probably several counterfeiters producing this sneaker, so each fugazi pair will have its differences.

Before you drop $2,000+ on a pair, BEWARE! Study the photos and educate a friend.

Feel free to share additional tips in the comments section.

How To Tell If Your Off White Jordan 1s Are Fake

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Man, it’s damn-near NO DIFFERENCE btwn these sets of slides here. None of the online pics are gonna be that intricate for folx to pick up on those differences. Copp em from a REAL retailer or just accept the L, if ya ask me.

  • javi

    Or hit up a resell connect like you do?

  • C Brown

    G if you want the truth….most of these kids dont care cause to be frank they cant keep up….I love all the oh they arent fake they are UA and Grey Market Pairs and all this nonsense….Im old school…fake is fake…if they werent purchased at a Nike Account or Nike Store 2/5 might be fake…..But these days…Reddit has THOUSANDS of users who trade and discuss fakes all day….Listen…with price increases and availability and bots, these kids just want to have X in there hands and cant afford re-sell….Again…you fake it till you make it…..Im at a point in my life that I dont NEED every pair of kicks….and the ones I want I can afford to purchase…but that AINT the masses….Your average kid works in the mall…makes $10 an hour…maybe has a credit card but thats it….$250 for some kicks is a hard hit….so some lil thundercat is online grabbing kicks on you-tube for $50…and they are pretty damn close….Guess what he calls them…UA….or gray market….or whatever….And its only gonna get worse as fakes get better and better…

  • El Fenomeno

    if he dies , he dies

  • OGedge

    If I liked these retarded inbred shoes and couldn’t get them for retail I would have no problem buying the fakes. This comparison was more of a “look how identical the fakes are”

  • sirfresh

    Yo I work with a chick that looks like her lol. Caught her staring couple times too.

  • Someone hit up Fake Education. I think his fake vs real of the text on the medial is reversed.

  • theloverswineverytime


  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Basically, thats the end of the movie as far as im concerned.

  • And that’s exactly what PKZ and the other sellers in their league are. Some of their UA factories have sourced the same materials as the authentic and are using the same machines.

  • curt diggler

    You just convinced me that the fakes are worth it. Unless you run into fake education, nobody would know.

  • Many times these reviews have unintended affects…

    1. More and more people are beginning to learn that $90-$130 fakes are worth it.

    2. Some evidence of this? Look at the comments from the folks we all know and love on this site. I’ve seen both the $130 and $160 fake vs authentic in hand. Most of you actually would buy the fake if presented the opportunity.

    3. Here’s a good article that sums up what’s happening on Reddit and UA sneaker culture.

    4. The factories use these reviews and other sources to make better versions. If this shoe holds at current value and peaks, they’ll make a 5th, final version, they’re currently on the 4th last I checked.

  • 5. Wasn’t Fake Education’s Instagram hacked and he had to create another account? I just double checked and that authentic he’s comparing to the real? It’s either a fake or the $160 version has fixed all the flaws he points out. That version has a dripped/pulled affect on the upper of the type and so does the one he’s saying is “REAL”.

  • javi

    With your thirst hype you’d do it anyways

  • javi


  • Not quite fake news but definitely old and outdated. That’s an old UA. The newest one fixes all of that. They’re already on version 5.

  • Nate oNe

    People want to get highly educated on fake or real sneakers rather than educated on education.

  • Creep