The 20 Most Underrated Sneakers of 2013

Underrated-Sneakers-of-2013This year’s underdogs.

Whew! I would say that 2013 was a busy one for the sneaker world. This year, we’ve seen Nike Air come back to a couple of Jordan retros and endless of collaborations. So trying to keep up with every sneaker is almost impossible. So you know that there are some sneakers that deserves shine. Complex gathered a list of the 20 Most Underrated Sneakers of 2013. So sit back, enjoy the holidays and head over to Complex to see the full list.

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  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    How the f uck is a shoe underrated?

  • AlSneaks

    executive – a good shoe that simply isn’t hyped up, or overshadowed because a hyped up shoe released around/at the same time.

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    ^ I know bruh, but I just get sick of seeing overrated this underrated that. It just don’t make sense to me.

  • omar najeeb

    No shoe can be underrated, for me. If a shoe sits for a while, just means folks weren’t feelin it ‘nuf to cop.

  • omar najeeb

    Well, yeah that’s true what AlSneaks said.
    I just mean that most of the time a shoe is “underrated” cus folks jus ddnt feel the shoe…