The Air Jordan 1s That Release A Few Days After Christmas

bred air jordan 1 2013 retro

Bred Season will be here soon.

Sure, it’s almost Drizzy Season, but come December it’s Bred Season all over again. No, no, no we’re not talking about the Bred 11s, we’re talking about the black and red Air Jordan 1… also known as the Bred 1s… and Banned 1s (but this is not the Banned edition that released in 2011). But Nike Air will grace the tongue of the 2013 Bred Jordan 1. Enjoy the new photos, and good luck at getting a pair a few days after Christmas. The release date is December 28. Retail price is $140.

air jordan 1 black red 2013

air jordan 1 high og black red 2013

air jordan 1 wings logo

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  • It’s funny how people go crazy for Jordan 1s now. I remember when people didn’t care about 1s. Funny how things change. That said, I expect these to vanish with the quickness Dec 28. Best of luck to those that really want a pair.

    Oh yeah, it’s only a matter of time until people start going crazy over the Air Jordan 2. lol

  • Dynamics

    Good point with the 2’s, G-Roc. Already seeing certain figures moving onto that shoe, will be funny to watch the shift with those.

  • Joe

    Ive always been a fan of the 2s so I hope not. These 1s are a must cop for me, they’re basically the epitome of JB.

  • omar najeeb

    One of my “kick da shoe gm-bucket” joints. Really hope to grab a pr.

  • AJ head

    I hope JB will produce these babies almost same amount as last years bred 11s.
    But I know its just a dream(NELLYs VOICE).

  • chubby

    ….Wanted these for many times, never got lucky enough for them. Hopefully a size 12 will be available from somewhere. ANYWHERE. Gotta talk to my Texas connect, much easier cop down there. lol

  • Executive, hood country album coming soon- catfish,grits and eggs

    L@ G Roc, I agree with you 100%. People try way to hard to fit in. They’re standing in the way and need to move before they get beat down.

  • Executive, hood country album coming soon- catfish,grits and eggs

    I’m going 20 deep just to cop one pair, lol.

  • Executive, hood country album coming soon- catfish,grits and eggs

    If you been “collecting”Jordan’s since 2010 you need not apply!

  • Yeah G-Roc is defin right! I have a gang load of 1’s from back in the day. Now I can’t even see myself paying $140 for a air jordan 1 I was spending $100 for tops!

  • omar najeeb

    Good points ’bout the 2’s. Hypebeasts a-plenty once hint of interest in that model is detected. I could use the blck/metallics from about a decade ago.

  • godivine

    I think its the colorway more so than the model number, these were the first pair of Js I owned. I’m copping for no other reason than; I can. 1love

  • Franklin from LOS SANTOS

    Since 2008 I have been on the hunt for these I have refused to over pay and now 5 years later I have another chance aghhh wish me luck…o yeah fu*k the ballaz

  • “if you been “collecting” jordan’s since 2010 you need not apply!” pfft, niggas kill me.

    I’m not coppin cause aside from a few truly dope cw’s here and there, 1s are just glorified dunks with a jordan seal.

  • Guess Who?


  • Kicks on Parade

    Its basically the same kicks being produced over and over again. With or without the Nike Air, the banned marking, and the Jumpman. Nike/JB sure knows how to keep you fools buying the same kicks over and over again. Next time they release just pay 4or5 times that amount cause its essentially what your doing when your copping them all over again.

  • ???

    Recently got into the rep sneakers and found some pretty on point shoes from this chinese site