The Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” Makes A Return In 2013

December 12, 2012 | 10

It looks like there will be another “Fire Red” colorway to follow the Air Jordan 5 model. The Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” will make a return in 2013. This stock image gives us a preview that it’s set to to release as part of the Fall 2013 lineup along with the AJ 5 model. It seem like Jordan Brand wanted to throw in some OG flavor along with the new “Bright Crimson” and “Joker” colorways. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. via @Ish_B

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  1. AlSneaks

    say what you will, but I’d be willing to bet money that the midsole paint holds up better on these than the last retro.

  2. Executive

    Great cause I murdered my old joints. And 3′s are one of my faves. By the way I got a fsr going for $459.99 a pair!

  3. 23edge

    @ AlSneaks… I guess JB won’t cut costs on primer this time

  4. ?uestion

    I just wore these yesterday lol

  5. S_McDuck

    I hope that they do something about the paint on these. I barely ever wear mine, and the paint is completely gone on the white parts, and on the red it is cracked. I may pick these up, just to replace the ones I currently have.

  6. MelloYelloMD

    Seems like everyone has the same feeling. I was just thinking…buy a new pair or restore/repaint the ones I have…they shoulda issued a recall on the ’07s or something lol…Im sure they knew about the paint issue

  7. gotjordans

    $160.00 now? Geez, the price just keeps going up! :(

  8. aSh

    @MelloYelloMD… Weeeeeeerd!!! Was thinking the same thing only mine are über cracked…. And the front and back have already oxidiesed:( I did restore them in 2010 with a new paint job on the cement part… Looked fresh until 2011 lol…..

  9. SPINS6136

    I’ve never made it a secret on TSG, the III IS MY ULTIMATE shoe. Period.

    With that said, I wore my ’07 fire red to the grave! Still have them, but they’ve hit the court hard and I finally just said “F” it and wore them to some of my outdoor tourney’s this summer.

    So the timing is right for me to be able to get a crisp new pair.

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