Air Jordan 4 “Lightning” Returning in March 2013?

December 27, 2012 | 18

What’s some “Thunder” without a little “Lightning”?. The recently released AJ4 “Thunder” will soon see its counterpart release next year. This shoe was so sought after that the Air Jordan 5 “Toyko 23” was inspired by its bright upper. Last seen in 2006 as an exclusive online release, this yellow nubuck AJ4 will drop as a quickstrike similar to the Thunder 4′s. The Air Jordan 4 2013 Retro “Lightning” is said to have a release date scheduled for March 2nd, 2013. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. via SA

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*The photo below is not the 2013 retro.

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Comments (18)

  1. Executive

    God dang i just payed $1500 for these! yeah right!

  2. Executive

    I think this is a beautiful thing that they are releasing again, I have a pair and would’nt mind another. I hope they mass produce these, why pay an arm and a leg for em?

  3. Nikeindabutt

    I feel like these just came out. Still have mine in the box almost deadstock.

  4. Huarache

    Not a must, not a cop, but I agree with Exec, mass produce these so everyone could have a pair. Might grab a pair to ball in depending on how easy it’ll be to cop these at retail.

  5. aSh

    Couldn’t get these when they first dropped… Might get them… but still on my Jordan hiatus till the grapes drop!!!

  6. omar najeeb

    BS’d around on these last time. Not this time tho. Its on!!!

  7. i_luv_kickz

    oh gosh…

  8. Nice. Reason why I like the Tokyo 5′s…
    All I have to say is “a sz 9 please”.

  9. Mr.Amazing

    I wish the blue was black (I know they released this way first)but the black would look better just saying.

  10. thatboygage

    Jordan Brand is releasing to much.

  11. gotjordans

    Will they be $160.00?

  12. JayWhoaPeachtrees

    Had three pair, sold down to one. Beat that pair, still sold it…shipped to Mexico. Anyhizzle, I want back in. Two L/T packs for $750. Mmmmm, good…

  13. ill be getting these just to have the counterpart also.

  14. shoe guy

    the thunders are ugly and these are even uglier.. pass

  15. JBYRD23

    Would like to have a pair of these…

  16. Deez Nutz

    i just don’t get it. i understand retro-ing a sneaker after 10+ years cause of wearability, but why these? the 2006s are still 100% wearable. JB’s just going through their archives and retroing every classic. it’s bull shit, i dont want my first retro aqua 8s being confused with the shit quality 2013s.

  17. Julio

    Quality quality quality ppl b quiet on that subject its not like someone is gonna look at your shoes for that

  18. TheSneakerDude

    I new it was coming. Coppin!

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