The Air Jordan 4 Retro Blackcat Returning in 2014

The Blackcat AJ 4 is clawing its way into 2014.

Jordan brand will bring back an Air Jordan 4 colorway that was last seen in 2006. The Blackcat Air Jordan 4 Retro is said to return next year. From the looks of the video it will keep true to form using the same nubuck material.

Look for these Air Jordan’s to release sometime in January 2014. Stick with TSG for the latest updates and check out the video for the 2014 Retro.

via Power 105.1

Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014 Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014-8 Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014-7 Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014-2 Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014-4 Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014-6 Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Black-Cat-2014-3

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  • Justin

    People are gonna go crazy for these. But to me…no big deal. The best design aspect of the 4’s is the wings…no contrast kinda kills it.

    Maybe I’m just getting sick of J’s…never thought I’d say that.

  • I agree. Kinda boring.

  • Executive aka NFG

    Zzzzzz! Joints get dusty if you look at them too hard.

  • Executive aka NFG

    How they gonna retro these before the cool greys or oreos?

  • SG

    Never liked all black shoes.

  • A super over hyped colorway. Probably one of the most boring jordans to come out. Plus in these pics they look pre-creased like crazy

  • MikeyDrums86

    @executive.. bro u right on i been waitin for them cool greys ever since someone stepped on mines and im starting to get impatient

  • VoomVava

    A nice low key shoe. A wonder what this means for the cool grey 4’s or the original Oreo’s.

  • love em. have the original

  • yoshi

    looks like all black new balances that my grandpa wears

  • omar najeeb

    Not too hyped about it. Too many bootlegs of this shoe over the yrs already. I won’t by the bootie version, now! Jus sayin’

  • AJ head

    Im happy witb my black cement from last year.
    Im sure I am going to pass black cats.

  • Koko

    Can I buy them in the Netherlands? Or are they only in the US than? Sorry my english is really bad haha