The Air Jordan 5 “Laney” Returns in 2013

We reported earlier that Jordan Brand will have a few more surprises for their upcoming Holiday 2013 lineup. We already have confirmation that the AJ10 Steel Grey, AJ12 Taxi, and a new colorway for the AJ11 will drop later on this year. This year will also see the return of a popular AJ5. We can’t talk about the AJ5 model without mentioning the “Laney” colorway.

After all the questions of when this colorway will return, we can confirm that the Air Jordan 5 “Laney” will make it back as part of the Holiday 2013 lineup. We can expect these to release alongside the Fire Red and Grape colorway as well. We have more sneaker release information for the 2013 lineup, so stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates.

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Note: The photos are NOT the 2013 Retro

Images: kixclusive

  • edson

    ITS A WRAP… GRABBING 2 Pairs, i missed out last time

  • omar najeeb

    I won’t be mad for jokers goin bonkers over these. But whenever they drop, I pro’ly be aight w/o ’em. Not a big fan of the colrwy.
    Now them grape 5’s comin up….Hmmm

  • shoe guy

    eh pass

  • Uh oh!!

  • DeathOverDesigner

    CAN’T WAIT!!

  • AceofJ’s

    One of my favorite J’s of all time!!

  • JB

    Great news! I’m more excited for the grape 5’s though

  • KP

    No nike air on the back though?? C’mon Jordan yall gotta get an extra $50 out of these fools! LOL

  • aSh

    What JB said…. was never a big fan of the laneys… but I do love V’s…. still easy pass….

  • Executive

    Im happy but you now how it is. I hate f uckin waiting in line!

  • solebrotha52

    I need the grapes in my life more than these but if im able to i might cop a pair

  • getalifestyle

    So we be all running for those grape´s…..uh!

  • MikeyDrums86

    Had em in 8th grade messed up n sold em now im thinkin i might have to grab a pair

  • serg252001

    Don’t really like the cw either but it’s great for those that’s been wanting the grape/laney pack for the past few years. .might change my mind and grab a pair.

  • Cuda from NC

    I remember last time these dropped I had them in my hand like WTH? these arent bulls colors! Smh. They sat there for weeks too. Lol. Doubt it this time.

  • mega

    and these will be made with the finest cow booty leather ….

  • Mr.Amazing

    all thats left is the stealths

  • Ed

    Are these going to be “limited” as well? lmao. What a joke.

  • d

    im so hyped for these im more concered bout these than the grapes (grapes are cool just not my fav 5) most def in my top 5 cops of 2013 list

  • Hyper

    5s in my three signatures, but This a corny ass release man.

  • Freshnesssss

    Passed on these in the 7th grade smh definitely will cop this time

  • gotjordans

    Never liked this colorway….

  • VoomVava

    Last time these were on shelves, there were selling for $30.00 @ Marshalls and Ross. My,my,my, how times have changed. Any word on the Hare 7’s? I love the fact that the Bred 1’s are returning too! (NikeSydney dropped that info last week on their twitter page).

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    Nice! I missed out on these back in the day. Last fives I got were the Green bean 5’s.

  • My name is laney lol