The Daily Photo – 9.3.10

Jordan and Letterman.

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  • MJ wuz prolly sweatin like hell up in that leather suit. Damn I need me some Bred 1’s.

  • ^LOL.

  • got this picture in the jordan hall of fame magazine.

  • What ever about the “Banned” Bred 1s being release, G-Roc get Nike on the phone and get us a retro of this tracksuit, CRACK.

  • Eric

    Damn thats an old Photo! Loving the og jordan 1.

  • Muntz3000

    I wonder what Js he wearing with that patent looking suit.?

  • dang i thought it was the 97 mase

  • K.billy

    I remeber this vid on YouTube. Letterman is ripping the shoes saying they’re ugly and I remember MJ agrees with him which was kinda crazy.

  • Royal Swagness (The Power)

    Definitely know that this is an old photo. the only think M.J is missin is a beeper on his hip. Letterman is a great late night host. His Top 10 lists are so hilarious.

  • Brandan E.

    MJ was ahead of his time with that suit. Real classic shit. And i dont think MJ says those shoes are ugly, i just think he was put on the spot on live TV.

  • Converse King The Shoe Authority

    Michael Jordan looks like he’s about to appear in an MC Hammer video. Jeez….

  • K.billy

    ^ yea actually he did. And I quote “hey, I agree with you they are ugly.” He was on the spot true but he still said it.

  • K.billy

    On the spot I prolly woulda told Dave him and his teeth are ugly.

  • @K.billy – LOL

  • schweet photo!

  • Jerronimo

    That suit is ill! orange/blue pleather…fo real? I’d rock it tho, can’t lie. Just to clown & break necks. lol


  • edizzle here u go folks, the video of jordan and letterman if ur interested

  • LA 2 The Bay


  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    LMAO @ the fact the shoe was banned because of the color, they “didn’t have any white in it” LMA0!!! Letterman “well neither does the NBA” LOL. classic.