The Daily Photo – 1.14.13

January 14, 2013 | 7

Battle of the South Beaches. Pick one.

Photo: @sneakermatic


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  1. solebrotha52


  2. Big Mike

    The 9s are better IMo. The 8s just the ’360 bubble.

  3. Adam Levine


  4. Stupidfreshkicks

    The 9 jus didn’t pop like the 8 imo, but I’m one of the few that thinks 8′s are the best LBJ’s anyway.

  5. aSh

    Damn…. now that’s just disrespectful… I like both pairs but only own the Elite…

  6. YaY

    Def agree with this pic, good one

  7. Sosa

    Love this pic ! Sb8>>>Sb9

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