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November 19, 2012 | 11

1997 Fila Bubbles Mid

Photo: feetheat

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  1. Wow these are too dope! His pair is extra fresh too!

  2. G-Phi 2K6

    Fiya! I love Fila’s old stuff!

  3. G-Phi 2K6

    Especially the Grant Hills I had back in the 4th grade…

  4. John B.

    What up FeetHeat!! Good stuff as usual fam

  5. kickin' it

    @john b. @g-phi 2k6 @bxsneakerhead stfu hypebeast

  6. J-FROST

    Hard! Niceeee

  7. aSh

    IMO… best FILAs ever!!! Fila Bubbles are so F-N dope!!!

    @kickin’it Ur comment is utter nonsense dude… spread love not hate homie and maybe one day you can get a pair of these too…
    @John B. @G-Phi 2k6 @bxsneakerhead got ya’lls back!!! E-BANGIN!!!!

  8. w

    Get a life @suckin’ it

  9. G-Phi 2K6

    LoL @ e-bangin’

  10. g.Know?

    never really been a fan of Fila but these are dope…damn man that pic is sick..might have to start searching for a pair now

  11. l pic

    im selling these for 250$ hmu

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