The Daily Photo – 11.26.12

Does it matter to you whether or not there’s Nike Air on the back?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Air Jordan 4 Black/Cement aka “Bred”

Photo: @air_n

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  • Executive

    I’m fortunate to own a pretty nice collection of Nike AIr jordans and honestly I wouldn’t really care if they brought it back. I wouldn’t have the same feeling as it did but I don’t see that ever happening.

  • sweetmeatdee

    Nike air do look better….but I’m happy I was able to get a pair

  • AlSneaks

    I’d prefer the Nike Air, but realistically pretty much all Nike Air Jordans will been unwearable soon.

  • Lem

    It makes no difference. People really need to get over it. And this is coming from someone who was around when the 1st Air Jordan was released.

  • P.A.’s Finest

    My 99’s are in excellent condition, the only thing is the cloudy air pockets. Being a lil kid when OG’s came out I definitely prefer Nike Air on the back! But if my 99’s wasn’t in good condition or if I didn’t own them I would have copped these is a heartbeat.

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Still got my 99’s with the NIKE AIR! A lil yellow in the back but it’s well earned like an old War veteran. Now adays nike is aging new shoes to look old I don’t get that?

  • Scato

    I think it’s really wrong don’t put the nike air logo on the remake, this is important for the tradition. I love the tradition, which world would be withouth tradition?

  • gotjordans

    the jumpman looks just doesn’t look right on there! :/

  • gotjordans

    the jumpman just* doesn’t look right on there! :/

  • Rlnhrd276

    Nike looks beter on the back but id rather have brand new wearable ones then old crunchies

  • BigMike

    Yeah The Nike Logo Looks way better. It represents Michael jordan better since he used Nike when he was younger.

  • When are they going to just ID air jordans already? & I’m not talking 2012’s either beat it c*ck s*ck*rs. It’s bad enough that they come out with these black/blue/ orange garbage & black/yellow pieces of sh*t & everyone goes ape sh*t over them. They limit the hot sh*t like eminem 4’s & undft 4’s but they know everyone wants those & they look way better. Just go across the rainbow why don’t you R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. By the way NIKE AIR is a whole lot better that’s just NIKE’s way of cutting corners again as per usual. Wait a minute someone wants to suck my c*ck for a pair of these GAY pink foams should I let them oh wait it’s…

  • quality was much better back then. but this is disrespectful, i understand the other way around. the new bred 4s… idk i might get a pair, not sure yet. id rather a cpd or 99 pair. cuz ill never find an 89.

  • Manny

    Nike Air will always look better on Jordans 1-6!

  • TDawson

    the nike air looks better but just jumpman doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a banging color way.