The Daily Photo – 11.7.12

What do you think? Should Nike re-release the ParaNorman Foamposite One to retailers?

Photo: @jawn305

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  • YaY

    If Nike did re-release these to retailers, it would suck for those who paid the resell prices from before.

  • Gary Dejesus

    helll yeaa

  • Johnny_Blaz3

    Nike shouldn’t because of the charity auctions they put up. That’s a slap in the face to those people to make something limited, they spend an excessive amount on the kicks, and then they end up in people’s hands for retail prices of $220 each. It’s like Nike re-releasing Air Mags for retail. Bad idea Nike…just design another Foam and release it.

  • It would be madness if Nike did a retail release of these.

  • Executive

    I wish they did, screw paying $4000 for them. It’s gonna get dirty like any other sneaker.

  • Justin

    Those 49er Trainer SC’s stand out in this pic. Maybe because they’re a little out of focus…but they don’t have any of the “cheap” look that they have in other pics/in person.

  • Joeslow

    No because what about the person who won the contest? If it were me I would be furious. Going through the trouble of sending Nike a pic of yourself as a child and constantly checking twitter updates. The person who won and staff from Nike and the production company should be the only people with these kicks.

  • FacilitoJones!!!

    When them 1994 Nike Air-Ups Penny used to wear droppin? Been waitin a long time for them bad boys!!!

  • Infared

    @joselow they got the shoe for FREE and I don’t think it’s to much trouble upload a pic and check twitter shit I do that every day I should get a pair

  • aSh

    Waiting for those AIR PILLARS to drop in price;)

  • GSL10019

    they should cause at the end of the day, Nike is a business as we all know and it will just increase their sales and make their investors happy. So yeah its a win win besides those who spent multiple K’s on a single pair.

  • Gee

    When it comes to winning something for free and then paying for them if nike re-release the same shoe guess what nike would rather you do pay it’s all about MONEY$$$

  • sure they should release them for retail. wtf not?

  • Guess Who?

    They should release them at retailers (not hoh exclusive) and do them like the Dave Whites were and make some changes to the acutal color scheme of the shoe not a lot but just enough to tell the different

  • Busyb85

    Damn rite I lot of customs shoes and js should be release to retails stores that means more money in there pockets and more shoes on our feet

  • Derek

    All of you kids above this comment seriously need to calm your nuts.
    P.S ParaNormans should re-release.