The Daily Photo – 12.19.12

December 19, 2012 | 7

“Ban’s” a make her dance. “Ban’s” a make her dance.

Air Jordan 1 High “Banned”

Photo: @mrhighsocks

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  1. serg252001

    Mercy me!

  2. K.billy

    Anyone need a size 10.5? I needa cop an AR 15 before they get banned like these shoes.

  3. Air Jedi

    Groc i need the email to send you a few pics for the daily pics…..

  4. P.A.'s Finest

    Sooo glad I was able to get these, it’s good to have friends in certain locations. My college patna was able to get them for me at the nike outlet in San Marcos.

  5. Bol878

    Sick shoes got TWO pairs!

  6. serg252001

    Man I need a pair og these. Sz 11-11.5

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