The Daily Photo – 12.7.12

Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack “Celtics”

Photo: erik23swag

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  • 11_Spacejams

    One of my fav non og colour ways!

  • Jay

    Nice pic

  • Shane D.

    Love this colorway.

  • NICE.

  • antonio

    This picture means something, think about it. Wearing the boston edition 1s around a GARDEN. Lol nice pic

  • omar najeeb

    W’ever!! Except for th sug ray xiii’s, I vomit at the sight of a celtics inspired colrwy. Yuck (this has nut’n to do w/fact that i’m a 76ers fan form so-jerz. Lol)!

  • Jstar

    Luv the Celtics color wave