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February 11, 2013 | 9


Nike Air Foamposite One Premium “Jet Fighter”

Did anyone pick up a pair?

Photo: @mr_deadstock

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  1. Executive

    Passed on em, no regrets. Life must suck if you gotta buy 30 pairs of the same shoe to make a few bucks though. If you need money that bad I’ll have my son dump his pggy bank on you.

  2. DeathOverDesigner

    I passed as well, foams have never really been that special to me

  3. Mars Blackmon

    Someone really got all those pairs though??

  4. Mamba

    I got me a pair. It was a struggle but I did it!

  5. Nikeindabutt

    Hideous…looks like a 1st grader w/ questionable artistic ability scribbled all over the Pearls.

  6. omar najeeb

    @mamba….thanx for keepn it a dolla bout getn em joints. Usually n-words be stuntin bout how ez a cop some kix were. There wasn’t a place I saw that wasn’t givn out tix for those.
    As for the person with all those foams: N-word , get agoddamned job

  7. aSh

    (((Big Sean voice))) “Foam Foam Foam Foam… FOAM FOAM FOAM FOAM… foam foam foam foam.. now STOP!!! Cause you broke like Allen Iversooooon…….”

  8. didn’t want em didn’t try and cop em. they’re straight though.

    lol at the comments. haters gonna hate.

  9. BostonDon

    I got a pair and i can only say thanks to Nemo, the store I got them from finally reopened last monday after the storm….walked in and got the last size 11…no waiting….too many people were eyeing the AJ13 “Squadrons”

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