The Daily Photo – 2.25.13


Nike LeBron 10 “Cork”. Did anyone luck up this past weekend?

Image: @mr_deadstock

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  • Executive

    How do people get a hold of sooo many pairs of a limited shoe? Can someone answer that for me?

  • Sole-glow

    @ Executive

    Honestly I dunno. Been wondering the same thing for a long time. IMO Either folks are stealing them, hella loaded (like possibly this is some celebs stash) or somebody is flipping that mortgage/rent payment.

    Retail was set to $250 and there are 20 plus pairs on screen.

  • AceofJ’s

    Someone was able to get 23 pairs and I couldn’t even get my hands on one?!?!? That’s BS!!

  • DeathOverDesigner

    I would be highly upset at this picture had I not got my pair this weekend! #WINNING

  • Mars Blackmon

    @Executive my guess is he had hella connects! I know a guy that was able to get a lot of pairs as well, not over 20 but he had at least 12-15

  • Executive

    Thanks fellas, the funny this is I didn’t even try to get this shoe. I don’t hate it or like it, if I walked in a store And it was on the shelf I might grab it but definitely not beasting over them. I actually copped the volts, I like them more.

  • Executive

    I totally forgot it’s tax time, so this might explain.

  • Edson

    Hype!!! Hope water ruins them

  • getalifestyle

    must be a nike employee

  • Justin

    I can guarantee one thing, whoever got these shoes is not an electrician with that upside down plug in the background.

    But seriously, this is probably a reseller that works with vendors (like OS Life, etc.)

  • Philly dreams

    Haha I hope water ruins them also, or that burglar haha 🙂

  • ELO

    I wasn’t able to cop a pair because this person got them all, LOL..Can’t knock the hustle though

  • omar najeeb

    This coxucker gets no points for this pic. What’s (s)he gon’ sell em all for retail? Less than likely. Huber less-than masculine to pull this stunt. Kcuf him(her) & them mofo corks (aight not the corks, but…)

  • omar najeeb

    @ELO…..Shee-it! I sure as hell will ‘knock the hustle’
    I kno what u sayn! But that $#!t ,to me, wacker than wack. what’s the owner of all those kix plannin on? Retiring with the score he plans to get by sellin em? Less than likely. So if that’s not the case, wtf is the point beside makin sur to make othr mofos mad that he has a lot of em & pple tryna cop couldn’t? That all.

  • Sole-glow

    @omar najeeb

    Its funny tho, I know this guy in the pic thinks he’s got a hustle goin on. But truth is, there are too many releases out now and coming out to make copping 23 pairs of corks profitable for him.

    If retail is $250 most likely this joker will attempt to sell for $400-500 each minimum. Who in there right mind would spend that much buying these from a re-seller when everybody knows there’s like 10 more limited edition lebrons/jordans etc coming out between now and the end of year?

    These days its pointless to re-sell in bulk like that because a newer and better collab or limited edition release comes out every week. This would’ve been different if it were like the Yeezy 1 or 2s which will not be sold anywhere and are truly one time only ventures for Nike.

    In a way, I think that’s part of Nike and the other Sneaker brands hustle over the re-sellers. Flood the market with more collabs and limited edition releases than re-sellers can handle at higher retail prices, so it becomes pointless to buy them up. Just my opinion tho…

  • aSh

    Pics like this make me sad a bit… unless you are handing em out to your boys… this is overkill.. especially because I would have liked to buy at least just one pair…

  • GSL10019

    I will try to shed some light on this situation. People who usually get this many pairs of a singular shoe (ever since the RSVP thing) is either they paid their way in, for some of the RSVP locations or they paid, a lot more over retail for pairs (usually mom and pop stores do this). This particular shoe, from my knowledge was demanding around 400 (some may be a little less or a little more). And usually people who get these many pairs, have their personal store that they sell it at(one guy i know sells them at fight club).

  • GSL10019

    BTW, i read a some comments and Yeezy 2’s where sold like this and they demanded 1400-1500 per pair but the people who got them didn’t want to brag so yeah you wont see photos popping up. And some people did do a whole operation on getting as many pairs as possible

  • NAXO

    This is BS!!!!! The picture must be from a re-seller!
    And it still gets posted here?? Respect the game!

  • Sole-glow

    @ GSL10019

    Thanks for the insight. Yeah personal store outlets like croationstyle on ebay are a good example of what you’re talking about. And mom and pop stores that’s also understandable.

    Yeah I remember the yeezy 1 and 2 launch in LA it was ridiculous. People were getting mugged for those bad boys. And 1500 or so for a yeezy (as ridiculous as that is for ANY shoe) makes sense because it’s not a standard model for Nike and Kanye is such a hyped up superstar. The lebron X is a standard model tho, and there will be even more limited editions as this year continues, just as there will be more Jordan Retro-Retros…

    And you’re right, some folks (not all) who did get the yeezy weren’t bragging because 1) they didn’t want to get shot for them or 2) they possibly were looking to re-sell themselves
    I’m not hating on anyone’s hustle but I think if it takes an operation of this extent that you gotta horde an entire retail store’s stock for your own to make a personal profit that’s just being greedy IMO.

    Seeing stuff like this makes it absolutely pointless for folks to camp out, be excited for a sneaker release or even save up the doe for a pair. But in a way I think it works on the flip. Maybe because folks eventually will get tired of being scalped by re-sellers like this guy they will try less hyped brands like Pony, Fila and Saucony. Because that will truly be the photo of day when we see a re-seller PROUDLY post a pic with 23 pairs of Fila fx-100s up for grabs.

  • lebron who? beat it c*cks*ck*rs stop paying his bills you think he gives a f*ck about you i don’t think so