The Daily Photo – 3.22.13


OG Air Jordan 6 “Carmine”. Should Jordan Brand bring back Nike Air to the AJ6 model as well?

Photo: @eddie_vasquez13

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  • serg252001

    Yes and yes

  • I mean of course if I had a choice of having the Nike sign on the back I would say yes. But I think tooo much gets made out of it. Its a small sign, its really not that serious. If anything I would rather get back the og shape and materials and quality of the jordans from back in the day. Thats wayyy more important to imo

  • VoomVava

    Nah, I say leave it alone. I’ve been a huge fan of Jordan (the actual player) since his introduction into the league. I like the fact that the man is getting his piece of the pie, he’s definitely earned it. I’ve had most of his J’s models 3-6 several times in my life, with the Nike Air and with out. To me, it makes no real diffrence. So jumpan or NA doesn’t really bother me.

  • shoe guy

    that ugly hello/ browned soul kills it for me… very sad

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    For Nostalgic purposes yes.

  • Guess Who?

    No he’s his own separate brand now and they’d only release them like they did the 3’s where few could obtain them but not like my opinion matters

  • KP

    Is this even a question? OF COURSE!

  • omar najeeb

    Well, i’ont kno bout the other stuff. But the pic (yes…the pic) is dope. Eh, the sole cudda been scrubd up a lil bit. But that all.
    Actually dig the jeans being rocked wit em. Like how the grn camo helps the crimson pop off the kix. Salute

  • omar najeeb

    Aight I gues I’ll answer the “nike air” question. Since its an popular topic that makes it a no-brainer that these should release w/o.g. branding. Whatever the branding, jus release the shoe itself.
    Need that asap