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March 22, 2013 | 9


OG Air Jordan 6 “Carmine”. Should Jordan Brand bring back Nike Air to the AJ6 model as well?

Photo: @eddie_vasquez13

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  1. serg252001

    Yes and yes

  2. I mean of course if I had a choice of having the Nike sign on the back I would say yes. But I think tooo much gets made out of it. Its a small sign, its really not that serious. If anything I would rather get back the og shape and materials and quality of the jordans from back in the day. Thats wayyy more important to imo

  3. VoomVava

    Nah, I say leave it alone. I’ve been a huge fan of Jordan (the actual player) since his introduction into the league. I like the fact that the man is getting his piece of the pie, he’s definitely earned it. I’ve had most of his J’s models 3-6 several times in my life, with the Nike Air and with out. To me, it makes no real diffrence. So jumpan or NA doesn’t really bother me.

  4. shoe guy

    that ugly hello/ browned soul kills it for me… very sad

  5. Mike Wizzkowski

    For Nostalgic purposes yes.

  6. Guess Who?

    No he’s his own separate brand now and they’d only release them like they did the 3′s where few could obtain them but not like my opinion matters

  7. KP

    Is this even a question? OF COURSE!

  8. omar najeeb

    Well, i’ont kno bout the other stuff. But the pic (yes…the pic) is dope. Eh, the sole cudda been scrubd up a lil bit. But that all.
    Actually dig the jeans being rocked wit em. Like how the grn camo helps the crimson pop off the kix. Salute

  9. omar najeeb

    Aight I gues I’ll answer the “nike air” question. Since its an popular topic that makes it a no-brainer that these should release w/o.g. branding. Whatever the branding, jus release the shoe itself.
    Need that asap

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