The Daily Photo – 5.18.12

Perfect combination! We all have our favorites. Which Air Jordan do you like to see women wearing? If the ladies don’t mind speaking up, do you have a favorite Air Jordan you like seeing on men?

Photo: SkyeJ

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • 🙂

    My favorite Jordans on females: Jordan 3, Jordan 4, Jordan 6 & Jordan 11.



  • Mater

    who the fcuk is that?!

  • Nice pic! I love seeing females in the jordan 8 for some reason

  • Kicksboywonder

    She is FINE!!!! 😀

  • G-Phi 2K6

    Nice Pic!!! I’ll have to go with the Jordan 7, Jordan 11, Jordan 13, & Jordan 14

  • Peter Parker

    She got Them DSL

  • aSh

    Cute pic SkyeJ and thank u for showing the rest us that u didn’t have to strip down to make it sexy either!!! Goodjob

  • Marcos Perez

    Female favs are 4 11 13 6 3

  • @aSh – Amen! You don’t have to show everything to be sexy. Take this photo for example, you can only see her beautiful face and her Concords. Still sexy! Some chicks do the absolute most when taking their “sneaker photos.” smh

  • orangeindian

    don’t sleep on ladies wearing the X’s

  • @orangeindian – Trrrruuuuu

  • John B.

    Agreed Ash and G-Roc! And yeah she fine too!

  • MBall423 aka Hillbilly Willy

    I don’t really know which I like best. I’m gonna buy my girl the Oly 6s as her first pair of Jordans, so we’ll see how those look haha

  • Flatbush_Zone

    This is what I wanna come home to. -jeans/pants/skirt/panties(depending on what kind)….. But I like to see ladies in all Js clockwise 1-12…… JACOB!!!!!!!!!!(inside joke)

  • The ladies look best in 4’s, 7’s, 8’s,11’s & especially the black panther 13’s. With that said she is beautiful & definitely my type.

  • Flatbush_Zone

    Imma let y’all in on my inside joke. My son who is due to arrive next month has been named JACOB. He was conceived while my gf was rockin nothing a wife beater & fusion 8s black/pink :d

  • ^LOL

  • Ju Ju

    She fine, i like to see females in the 3s, 6s, 8s, 9s, 11s, 12s, and the 13s.

  • Chevy Boy

    Chevy runs deep. That is all.

    P.S. – I love to see a woman in Black/Infrared 6s.

  • sneakercritique

    I like to see’em in 3’s, 8’s, 11’s low and 4’s especially

  • it’s all about 3’s, 6’s, 10’s, and 11’s.

    and that girl got me like 0_0

  • The Neugent

    Beautiful. I like to see a woman in the 10’s or the 13’s.

  • Maton

    How about a woman in FILAs, sexy.

  • need_more_kicks

    It’s gotta be the small size…My wife wears a 5.5-6 and every sneaker looks good aon her foot…jordan 1-11…playoff 12’s…and 13’s

  • Patrick AF1-82

    1. Jordan 1 Old Love
    2. Jordan 11 Space Jam
    3. Jordan 6 Infrared
    4. Jordan 18 Red CDP
    5. Jordan 6 Carmines

    Jordan 1s Have The Swoosh Thats Why They Are #1

  • i like it when they wear a dress without their underwear.

  • Zach

    Flints always look good on girls, and most girls that rock Js usually have them

  • leathal_dose

    On my first date she was wearing the aquas, 2nd date it was the love pack black and yellow 1s third date, infrared 6!! <3 mind you , I didn't know her what so ever! 4 years later she's into heels! That's right, heels! Out of all footwear, I'm going to have to go with her red bottom heels! Sexy! LOL

  • @shoesxtattoos

    #heyboo WHO IS THAT!?!?!…….. oh.. Concords overrated………….

  • John17

    chicks in 8’s <3