The Daily Photo – 6.27.12

June 27, 2012 | 23

Don’t believe the hype….. Just Wear Ya Kicks.

Photo: NT

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  1. mask

    love it soooooo much!!! something my fav artist tyler would do.

  2. YaY

    Wtf. I understand the whole concept of “just wear you kicks”, but goddam. Oh well, at least they look like they been through a fun time.

  3. mater

    Definitely a drunk night lol

  4. AlSneaks

    “wear your kicks” is one thing, but this is a whole other level of wtf?!?

  5. My Dixie wrecked

    Throw them in the washer fuck it

  6. Executive

    I literally laughed out loud! Man I know they’re kickin themselves!

  7. That’s what I’m talking about,F THOSE THINGS MAN.

  8. mosdefinite

    “So disrespectful” (Stephen A. voice)

  9. aSh

    Oh these??? Tst… my weekend beaters….

  10. JBYRD23


  11. abel samora

    nice i rock all my shit dont trade dont re-sale thats how we dew in the 818!!! i got a homeboy juan i had my cool gray 3′s all toor up i drove my street bike and eFed um up all full of oil and this dud made them look brand new he’s a true JORDAN head with an old soul good looking out sun (juan)

  12. J O P

    Project X x Yeezy 2… Them pissy jawns would still shit on retail on eBay…

  13. serg252001


  14. Igotemallnoreallyido

    Damn that I wear my kicks I don’t dogg em

  15. atgbryan

    wear them > destroy them

  16. SPINS6136

    Wear your kicks……

    But RESPECT THEM as well.

    Man, lokks like they kicked a cow straight in it’s @$$ and got them Yeezys stuck!

  17. StupidFreshKicks

    Ugly shoes deserve to be treated ugly. Good job NT!

  18. Trey

    very nice!!! only live once wear em out

  19. Wakcutt

    Looking sharp! Rock them shits.

  20. Jose

    wow, way to go batman

  21. Kid Fresh

    Awesome job

  22. KiDSON704

    Those the OG release. It’s ok guys. Lol

  23. jdogg13

    LOL!!! Poor kid..

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