The Daily Photo – 6.27.12

Don’t believe the hype….. Just Wear Ya Kicks.

Photo: NT

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  • mask

    love it soooooo much!!! something my fav artist tyler would do.

  • YaY

    Wtf. I understand the whole concept of “just wear you kicks”, but goddam. Oh well, at least they look like they been through a fun time.

  • mater

    Definitely a drunk night lol

  • AlSneaks

    “wear your kicks” is one thing, but this is a whole other level of wtf?!?

  • My Dixie wrecked

    Throw them in the washer fuck it

  • Executive

    I literally laughed out loud! Man I know they’re kickin themselves!

  • That’s what I’m talking about,F THOSE THINGS MAN.

  • mosdefinite

    “So disrespectful” (Stephen A. voice)

  • aSh

    Oh these??? Tst… my weekend beaters….

  • JBYRD23


  • abel samora

    nice i rock all my shit dont trade dont re-sale thats how we dew in the 818!!! i got a homeboy juan i had my cool gray 3’s all toor up i drove my street bike and eFed um up all full of oil and this dud made them look brand new he’s a true JORDAN head with an old soul good looking out sun (juan)

  • J O P

    Project X x Yeezy 2… Them pissy jawns would still shit on retail on eBay…

  • serg252001


  • Igotemallnoreallyido

    Damn that I wear my kicks I don’t dogg em

  • atgbryan

    wear them > destroy them

  • SPINS6136

    Wear your kicks……

    But RESPECT THEM as well.

    Man, lokks like they kicked a cow straight in it’s @$$ and got them Yeezys stuck!

  • StupidFreshKicks

    Ugly shoes deserve to be treated ugly. Good job NT!

  • Trey

    very nice!!! only live once wear em out

  • Wakcutt

    Looking sharp! Rock them shits.

  • Jose

    wow, way to go batman

  • Kid Fresh

    Awesome job

  • KiDSON704

    Those the OG release. It’s ok guys. Lol

  • jdogg13

    LOL!!! Poor kid..