The Daily Photo – 9.6.10

Photo: i2cky

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • aaahhh black Vs… lust

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    oh sh!tttt, i remember i had those denim dunks(blk/gry).. those were live!

  • Paul

    DOPE i like this daily posting. nice ish G-Roc

  • @Paul – Thanks!

  • FLIP

    dope pic G-Roc

  • @FLIP – Thank you.

  • Yipes…crazy pic.

  • chris

    blue denims are crazy fresh
    so are the blue air max.

  • chris

    blue denims are crazy fresh
    so are the blue air max.
    sick photo G-Roc

  • Royal Swagness (The Power)

    Man I love denim kicks. Nike really needs to bring them back or created new styles like the denim pair coming in spring 2011.

  • Brandan E.

    thats crazy, i am gonna wear my ’00 AJ5 retros tommarrow…kinda of a coincedence that their in this pic. but i doubt it if they are the ’00 retro tho. those presto’s look dope, i always wanted a pair since they dropped 10 years ago! gotta find a pair.

  • rallycars

    Those Denim Forbes, Medicom 2s and Zoo Yorks are money.

  • Bron23

    Aw shuccs are those the Amsterdam Air Max1s…Man envy and jealousy in a pot! Smh! Dope Photo G Roc!

  • squeaky soles


  • Love it! denimsssss! I like this daily Photo segment! quality!

  • Forbes Denims and Medicom 2s for me…GRAILS…size 12-13 holla at ME.

  • Wow, a lot of crack sauce in that picture. Espo’s & Stash joints are my favorite 2, but they are all extremely sick.

  • Executive aka Mr. 84

    A bunch of garbage is what I see. I gotta put a pic up to show you young bucks the meaning of heat!

  • LOL @ I set trends…you had “those black denim dunks”…I dont think u did if ur sayin that…those are Medicom 2s…absolute HEAT FIRE/DOPE 700-1000$ shoe…not no GR dunk.

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    ^^^oh well pardon me Tanner P^^^ i just glanced rather than stared at them & that’s wat i thought at 1st glance… too bad these are close lookin’ to the denims w/ a extra $600-$900 price tag that in the streets i would of thought to be a 100 dollar dunks. “heat” how about “overpriced hype”, i would of seen those on feet & not think much of ur $700-$1000 kicks…. but hey we got ego’s in the world who NEEDS overpriced products to feel good about themselves.

    oh & i did have blk denim dnks, w/ the little orange stitchin’ around it.. why lie, not my ego.. i don’t need to lie… just say i was INCORRECT, jeezzzz… (Lie??? plzzz, girls love me cuz i don’t lie & be straight up, & not for no “heat”, most don’t care or kn0 wat ur referin’ to when u say that. “HEAT” LMAO, if i need “heat” to get girls, LOL!!! righttttttttt)

    P.S. i get fresh for the ladies, & so should you. ask them if they kn0 wat “heat” is. be amazed at the answers you will get LOL.

    this was fun!!!!

  • SneakGeekRich

    Dag treNdz wrote a paragraph, wasn’t that serious dude

  • LMAO^^^ Not much to say to THAT lol…cuz u do “set trends” u must be so cool man. Can u copy and paste the part where I said you lied? I dont think I was accusing u of lying I was correcting you saying that if you call them “those denim dunks” im sure u didnt have them cuz anyone who’d buy medicom’s would know what they were. I meant that u probably just had the GR’s… Also ur talkin to the wrong dude cuz I am tryna cop the GR denim dunks that look like the forbes dunks to the right of the black shits…cuz for 150$ they look the damn same as the 1000$ and up Forbes denims jus w/ out the red bottom.
    And I’m glad u get fresh for the ladies…I get “ladies” whether I’m fresh from head-to-toe, decked out or jus bummin’ wearin sweats and a white tee w/ some GR black denim dunks on… 🙂

    This WAS fun.

  • Nice Air Max 87