The Daily Photos – 1.3.14

LeBron-4-Fruitty-Pebbles“My homey Strict told me, ‘Dude, finish your breakfast.”

Nike LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles” – @realramom

AJ15-University-BlueAir Jordan 15 White/University Blue – __yeezytaughtme

JS-adidas-WINGSBreaking in the New Year with some wings.

Jeremy Scott x adidas Wings “Chinese New Year” – @nwnl

AJ-17-SuitcaseAll business.

Air Jordan 17 White/Varsity Red – @toyafbaby

Nike-Kobe-VeniceBeach Life.

Nike Kobe 8 “Venice Beach” – @sho3wiz

AJ17-RetrosAJ 16 Love.

Air Jordan 16 White/Blue + “Ginger”  – @taytayb1120 + @babylaces

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  • unemployed_thug

    Ugly @ss line up today.

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    I hated my mom for buying fruity pebbles.

  • unemployed_thug

    And she hated herself for not aborting you ^^^^

  • Lem

    I remember having those XV’s. Underrated shoe in my opinion.

  • MikeyDrums86

    JS are so f uckin ugly

  • Justin aka “not the other Justin”

    Man, I always loved those blue 16’s…and they stayed on shelves for months (on sale). Just never bought them because I already had the black/reds. Dumb.

    What’s up with the AJ15 Carolina Blue pic?! I’m not trying to hate or be funny, but first off…that stance looks uncomfortable as hell. And second…those legs look to buttery soft to be a dude, but a little too bulky to be a female. The whole thing’s a little off-putting.

  • omar najeeb

    Aj 16, and 17 pics are THAT DEAL!! I remember when those wht n red 17s first dropped, a coworker ask if I was gonna mess with em. Told him, “Naaahh, man. They dope but they just cost too much. Can’t do it.” Lmao @ myself now for that $#!+…

  • omar najeeb

    @ Justin aka…u ain’t the only one that saw that, hoss. Not the only one at all. Lol

  • omar najeeb

    Aahh…another phag hatin’ his life, huh. Smmh!,

  • @yezzytaughtme is an man or woman ????

  • unemployed_thug

    Omar ur a bum, you have no friends.

  • omar najeeb

    U call yourself “unemployed..blah blah”. I work for a living. I’m a man. U call yourself a “thug”. I’m good wherr I’m at. I don’t have to call myself “employed_law-abiding..” to impress a muthaphuka. U gotta call yourself sum’n low-class to try to appeal to other muthaphukas who are low-class. Who is the bum really?

  • Jumping Man

    Yeezy taught you well (Chris rock voice) always wanted the pebbles